28 December 2006

Tabitha, The Finger Nibbler

This is Tabitha. She likes to nibble fingers as a sign of affection. She's an odd one.

21 December 2006

Happy Solstice

To lasting peace that starts inside;
To every teacher who has been a good guide;
To every child born in every nation;
To every human congregation
That aspires toward peace and love;
To the glory of the stars above;
To the lasting magic of this time of year
And to everyone, both far and near!
And to darkness that heralds the coming light
Soulful Solstice to all and to all a good night.

~Rick Levine

20 December 2006


I am feeling blue this holiday season. It's a kind of funk I can't explain, but I am afflicted with it sometimes. I am just not in the mood for the holidays. It's unusual because Yule and Christmas is the best time of year, but not this time.

My mother is on her way here tomorrow and she is staying with me for NINE FRACKING DAYS! I know I may sound a bit harsh to say such a thing about my mum being here, but nine days? I think with how I feel it's too much, but I need to step back and realize she is 74 years old and time is precious.

Thank you to those who have sent me holiday cards and such. Y'all are so kind and I appreciate it very much. You are on top of things more then I am and I apologize.

Well, I'm off. I've got a tone of things to get done before tomorrow.

13 December 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I am busy, busy, busy! Too much going on and in all different directions, but all is well. I hope all is well with everyone else these days.

Well, I must dash. Did I mention I'M BUSY?

26 November 2006


The dining room has gone teal.

13 November 2006


Autumn has finally settled here in Savannah. The majority of our trees don't drop their leaves or change colour, though there are a few varieties that do such as this Japanese maple. There are two wonderful specimens off of Melissa's patio.

The weather is currently pleasantly cool with no humidity.

07 November 2006

I'm A Georgia Voter

I voted today at the Rose of Sharon. After voting you always get an "I'm A Georgia Voter" sticker to place on your shirt. I'm wearing it, but it makes me feel like a child that was given a gold star for a job well done. Anyway, it wasn't crowded at the polling station. I am not sure if that's a good thing, but I was in and out in no time. It was nothing like those other places around the country where people are experiencing "glitches".

As far as I am concerned here in Savannah and Georgia as a whole we don't have much to choose from in the way of great candidates, but at least I chose someone. Of course I chose mostly Democrats, but I did choose a Libertarian for Secretary of State and State School Superintendent.

Hopefully we will see change nationally, Goddess knows we need it.

06 November 2006

It's Time

Y'all need to get out there!

31 October 2006

Happy Halloween

Nora-Grace and Tabitha weave their magic.

30 October 2006

Halloween Party

This past Saturday evening I decided to attend a Halloween party my friend Keith and Elvira invited me to. I brought a couple bottles of wine with me and drank most of it. I had no idea as to what I should go as. I eventually decided on Harry Potter.

A bloated Harry, a fabulous Frida and a scary Zorro.

I believe that is Bill Clinton.

Elvira (Violet Baudelaire) and Shelly (a Catholic school girl in a very, very, very short skirt.)

I have no idea.

I believe Shane is flipping me off "politely".

A very inebriated and worn-out Harry.

25 October 2006

They Have Returned

When I was child the Cybermen used to give me nightmares. They have returned to menace the world and my dreams once again. I think this is why when the Borg first showed up in Star Trek they unsettled me as well.

Though the Cybermen were the first and always will be one of my favourite "monsters."

23 October 2006

22 October 2006

Fun With iSight

My friend Amanda asked for my help setting up her new MacBook today. OH, IT'S SWEET! Anyhow we had fun with iSight and Photo Booth. Of course the adventure was aided with a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

The results are pictured below.

16 October 2006

In a Funk

I haven't posted anything lately because I have been in a funk. There's not much going on these days. I have been working on some HTML to better my skills. I find it all so uninteresting. I rather use Dreamweaver, but I was told I should know the basics.

I am thinking of taking another JavaScript class. It seems all the information has gone in one ear and out the other. I rank JavaScript up there with HTML. I think this is part of the problem as to why I am not remembering the information. I have a ho-hum attitude about it all. Granted I have this attitude about most everything these days.

My friend Betsy is going to take my rather large sofa off my hands shortly. This will be one less item in the storage unit. It's about the heaviest item in there. It has been in storage for almost four years and originally used for only six months at the most. It's like brand new. I will never purchase a sleeper sofa again. They are too heavy!

Once we get the sofa out of the way I'll have some room to maneuver items around. I then will have access to some items I wish to get rid of. I am not going to sell everything off as of yet. I applied for a job in North Carolina if I should happen to get it I can afford to take it all with me. We shall see.

Well, other then that, not much else going on.

29 September 2006

The Great Stench II

Well, it's a lovely morning. The temperature is 69F degrees and no humidity. I thought it would be nice to ride in the car with the windows down while running errands. For a brief moment it was rather nice.

There I am, a wonderful breeze, music is on, driving along and then it happened. The Great Stench strikes again!

Time to quickly roll up the windows, but it's too late. The rotten smell and I are trapped in the car.

21 September 2006

The Great Stench

It was a rather nice evening last night. The temperature dropped to 57F and so we opened the windows to enjoy the weather and get some fresh air.

Well I forgot how polluted Savannah air could be. Like clockwork The Great Stench creeped in poisoning our lungs and waking me from sleep. With my nostrils burning and eyes watering I stumbled out of bed and closed the windows.

You see Savannah suffers from paper mill production as well as a chemical industry, which also belches out noxious fumes into the air. Now I must add through the years complaints finally made these industries "clean up" a little, but it's still quite bad.

Savannah has some of the highest cancer rates on the East coast as well some of the most acute sinus infections. The sinus infections are blamed on the high pollen count by these industries. It's always blooming here, even during winter. However, if you add the paper mill and chemical companies it makes it so much worse.

Simple Pleasures

Ah the simple pleasure and sheer enjoyment one may have with iChat. This evening I video chatted with my friend, Gloria out in Los Angeles. Here she is tempting me with my favourite beverage, red wine.

The rest is just craziness.


You did what?

18 September 2006

Champagne Sunday

It was another fabulous champagne Sunday. Before we doused ourselves in wonderful champagne Melissa and I did some shopping. Here we are just before entering World Market. After that we moseyed on over to Linen and Things. Then we made a beeline to Pier ‘Pressure’ One.

Afterwards it was nonstop champagne. Then Steve and Jim came over for dinner. Now I am ready for bed. It's 2:00 AM

10 September 2006

Champagne Sunday Lives

Champagne Sunday lives, but it was rather subdued as Melissa is in France and I was cleaning house. Then in the afternoon the Bentley arrived with Steve and Jim to swoop me away for the traditional Sunday house hunting.

Here is Steve, Jim and Doris. It was a fun day for all though we were lacking one person. However she is off in the Provence region visiting Lacoste, Isle sur la Sorge, the Fountain de Vauclus, Penres la Fontain and now off to Baux les Provence so I believe she is having real champagne and with us in spirit.

07 September 2006

A Message

Today I spent some time at Gallery Espresso composing and reading emails. After about an hour and a half of coffee consumption and receiving my dose of barista attitude I decided to leave.

When walking back to my car I came upon this message written on a window unit. The Universe has interesting ways of communicating.

Don’t you think?

05 September 2006

Settling In

I arrived late Sunday evening. Steve and Jim were here with Melissa. They had been indulging in libations and were sweet enough to wait up for me so I could get a few in myself. It was good to see everyone together like old times.

I got up early this morning and mowed the lawn as it was in dire need. Then I went to my storage unit to get a few items so to make my space homier. I must say when I opened the door to the storage unit I got an overwhelming sense of dread and trepidation. There is so much stuff! It made me a little depressed to look at it because I like it all, but I know I need to let go of it too. Oh, this is going to be difficult.

Nora-Grace and Tabitha are settling in, but I think they miss all the space they had to run around in at my mother’s house. They are also aware of Melissa's cats on the other side of the door. We hope at sometime we can introduce them to one another, but I know cats for the most part don't get along with one another unless they were raised together. We shall see.

Melissa leaves for France tomorrow afternoon. I will be taking care of her house and some household chores while she is gone.

Tomorrow I need to run some errands and visit the grocery store. I think I will also pop in at the Gallery and have some over priced coffee with a dash of attitude for old time sake.

03 September 2006

Heading Home

I'm heading home today. I should be on the road by noon. I wish I could leave earlier, but UHaul told me I can't have the trailer until 10:00AM. Apparently there is only one 4x8 trailer in all South Florida and it won't be returned until 9:30AM.

Also it's costing me more to head north then it was to come south. This makes no sense to me. It's usualy the other way around since so many people move this way. Whatever.

I need to finish packing and get all my stuff in the garage. Nora-Grace is aware something is going on. Tabitha as usual, is oblivious. I am hoping they will be calm for our eight hour journey. They traveled well the last time. I wonder what they would be like to travel with across the country? Perhaps I shall find out.

Well, it's time to pack the iMac.

01 September 2006

Another Morning

It’s another morning on the beach today. It’s still quite windy. I'm not sure if it’s left over from Ernesto or just a windy day. The water is choppy too. The Gulf water is usually rather calm and doesn’t have large waves and one must wade far before you can’t touch bottom.

This will probably be my last day on the beach. I have some projects my mum would like for me to do before I head home. I also need to pack tomorrow.

Ho hum.

30 August 2006

Vortex Bound

Well, I have had enough of this right-wing enclave. I have decided to go home. Yes, I am going back to Savannah, and the Vortex of Goo.

Perhaps for the time I will stay it won’t be so gooey. We shall see. All I know is I can’t stay with mother anymore. She has been wonderful. Of course she has. She’s my mum, but SHE IS MY MUM! I can only take so much and this area is just too weird.

Besides when I do eventually settle some place for a job I will be heading north or west so I might as well move a little closer. I miss me friends too.

The plan is to go through my storage unit and have a garage sale. I need to let go, but it’s rather difficult for me to do so. I need to work on that. I figure it’s just too expensive to maintain such a large climate controlled storage unit. It’s also going to be too expensive to move all my stuff either to California, Oregon, Vermont, Massachusetts or New Jersey. These are places I sent my resume to.

I will be leaving Florida on the 3 September and I will be living with my friend Melissa in her fabulous contemporary house located in midtown. It shall be fun. Champagne Sunday shall live again! Actually it never died. It’s just no fun having Champagne Sunday long distance over the telephone.

29 August 2006

Beautiful Morning

I went to the beach this morning. The weather was surprisingly beautiful though the wind was picking up due to Ernesto.

The entrance to the beach has many signs posted stating all kinds of regulations and such. This is the one you should really pay attention to because no one wants to do the Stingray Hop.

While walking through the sand out towards the Gulf of Mexico I came upon this ancient ziggurat. Then the new camera I purchased last night died. You can see its death in the quality of the image.

This afternoon I returned the dead camera and got a replacement. I would like to go out and start experimenting with it, but the dark clouds and rain have arrived.

Ernesto should be passing by sometime tomorrow, I guess.

28 August 2006

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The outer storms are starting to arrive.

Everything is in a haze of creepy yellow. Ooooo.

25 August 2006

What A Mess

Today I got the wild hair to tinker with my iBooks. WHAT A MESS!

Yesterday I replaced the logic board in the Cube. It's now working fine. So I decided to give the Cube to my mum and take back the "snow" iBook I gave her roughly three years ago. I originally gave her my iBook because my previous job provided me with a PowerBook. I wanted her to try and learn to use a computer. At first it was like pulling teeth to get her to go near it, but now she uses it.

Anyway since that time I purchased an older "clamshell" version iBook to have for blogging and Internet whilst traveling. I upgraded to a 20 GB hard drive because these original models only came with 3 GB's. Now that I got the one I gave to my mum back I am going to use that when I travel and sell the clamshell.

The wild hair I got was to swap out the hard drives. With the clamshell variety you have to take the whole bloody thing to pieces to get at the hard drive. I did it before, no problem. The "snow" version you don't have as much to dismantle, but it's a lot of work nonetheless.

So I finally get the hard drives out of both only to discover the "snow" version has a different bracketing system. It has small support nodules built directly on the hard drive. It won't fit on the clamshell version and the larger hard drive from the clamshell has no way of securing into the "snow" version. All that work for not. Grrrrrrr.

Wasn't this post just gripping?

23 August 2006

Beach Burn

Today out of sheer boredom I decided to go to the beach and lay upon the sand like a beached whale. Well I got burned. No, it's not that bad. The above picture has been enhanced for dramatic effect. It's how I feel.

Anyhow it was a nice two hours. The best thing about going during a weekday is no one is around. It was just me, the sand, palms, water, and the birds.

16 August 2006

12 August 2006


It was 1984 and I was 17 years old. Yes, that is big hair and yes that is a mustache! Scary.

09 August 2006

Sweet Apple

I'm having computer issues. My poor old Cube is starting to fade. It has held out for six years, which is good considering the model, didn't last long when it was first introduced.

I think the logic board is going. I searched on the Internet for a replacement board, but their too expensive. I do have an extra logic board, but it's buried in storage back home in Savannah. I can buy a newer Mac which is faster for the same price or a little more then a replacement logic board and that's what I did.

This is a picture of my new, old G4 17" iMac. I've always wanted to own this model iMac. I just purchased it off eBay and I kept well within my budget. I'm so excited!

It's a big improvement on the Cube. Speed, hard drive and best of all a 17" screen. I like my current studio display, but at 15" it's a pain in the arse working in Photoshop.

Ah, sweet Appley goodness (sorry Homer). Have you had your Macintosh today? An Apple a day keeps the PC blues away!

07 August 2006

Tough Life

As I paint and paint and paint Nora-Grace helps out. Here she has been sleeping in this position for several hours.

30 July 2006


You Are 26% New Jersey!

You are not New Jersey, based on this score. You're probably not from this great state. And if that is true, then you are missing out, my friend!

How New Jersey Are You?

I wonder if I would be allowed to cross the border?

29 July 2006

What To Do?

There I was the other day toiling away painting my mum’s kitchen and I received a phone call. It was the temp agency, Manpower Professional.

Apparently they want to place me back in the Technical Library at Honeywell. I worked for them back in 2002. It’s a long story.

Anyhow, I had contacted a friend at Honeywell sometime ago. Actually when I was still at my previous job. At the time I knew my job was in jeopardy so I had inquired about possible positions. She told me they may need help in the Technical Library, but was not certain as to when.

Time passed and so I thought it would not happen. That’s what the telephone call was about. They wish to know if I would be interested in the position. Currently I am not actively looking for work as I am taking Online classes trying to build some new skills.

Here is the problem. Honeywell is in New Jersey. I wrote earlier that I worked for them before.It was strange fate how I ended up in New Jersey, but I did. I was born there, but I lived longer in Georgia so I find it a strange environment.

I am not sure I want to return. I know I need a job, but I am not sure I should take this one. However, living with mother and in Florida is driving me CRAZY!

Do I entertain this job possibility just so I can get out of here? It’s such an expensive area of the country to live in besides the fact they’re all rather high-strung.

The pay for the job would be more then twice what I was making at my previous pain in the ass (job). However the job is a temporary position through Manpower with the possibility of becoming a permanent position afterwards.

I am not sure I want to relocate such a distance for a temporary position with a possibility of it becoming a permanent situation. Am I making excuses? I know I know I keep telling myself it’s a job and I need one. Do you see? I am driving myself insane. It’s New Jersey for christ sake!

Perhaps I should accept it as a job. After the year I could move elsewhere, but at least until then I would earn my living. I guess. Oh hell, I don’t know.

Did I tell you my mother is DRIVING ME CRAZY?

26 July 2006



20 July 2006

Limbo / Purgatory

I think I am in a void of another kind. I am not sure what it is though. I can say, for certain I am in Limbo, perhaps purgatory even. I am not a Christian and I don’t subscribe to any religion in general. Dogma is not my way.

However I think limbo and purgatory is the same thing, more or less. Please take a look at the following picture. The photograph below is my mum’s home. It is where I am currently living.

Now take a look at this next photograph. It is right around the corner. Oh, wait. This is my mum’s house. Hmm no, it’s not. Take a look at the house block number.

Let me turn another corner. Oh, it’s my mum’s house again. NO! Take a look at the house block number.

AHHHHHH! I’m fracking lost!

You see, is this not apropo for being in limbo or purgatory? I mean everything is the fucking same! (notice I did not write fracking) This whole bloody area has no character.

So it’s clean, safe and quiet, but not necessarily good. Would that not be purgatory? I mean, it’s not heaven and it’s not hell. It’s just BORING!

09 July 2006

Image Of The Moment

Cyprus Roots

07 July 2006

Doodling Along

There hasn’t been much going on. I have been working on my resume and studying a little for the Apple Technician training exam. I can finally concentrate on that again with all the moving done.

Well, sort of. Martine took me out to dinner last night and again, I did not return home until this morning. ;) We got to find out a little more about one another. He is of Spanish decent, but is from Ecuador. His mum is from Spain. I think his father is of Spanish decent, but is born and raised in Ecuador. They immigrated here over seven years ago.

It’s truly amazing to meet someone who really loves his or her job. I don’t know many people that do. I know Homer does and perhaps DJ Mouse. She is following her dream, but other then them Martin is the only other person I know that does. When he speaks of his work his eyes light up.

My eyes light up too, but only when I see a nice bolt of fabric I can’t afford.

05 July 2006

Thar Be Fireworks

I went out last night to check out the scene. Uhm, well I just got home about 30 minutes ago! I met a Spanish man named Martine. He told me about the area and about a few other bars. We went to another one together and then made out.

The making out lasted all night and into the early morning. WOW! We made our own fireworks.

I need a nap.

04 July 2006

Getting Settled

I have been unpacking and getting settled. Nora-Grace and Tabitha love my mum's porch. Oh, excuse me, Lanai. The cats love the lanai. (say it like Thurston Howell) They sit out there for hours and sun themselves. I think they are adjusting well.

My mother went to Seattle to visit with my sister. She will be gone for three weeks! TIME TO PARTY! Yes, let me call the ZERO number of people I know here.

I have updated some of the stuff on this website, but blogger is being weird. The changes have been made, but not all are showing up. I will have to check back later to see.

Thanks to all who have sent well wishes to me. I appreciate it. I am enjoying being away from the Vortex of Goo. Though in a way I do miss my home, but not enough to try and come back. Really, I can breathe here and I mean literally. I have also noticed Tabitha's eye allergies have cleared up a bit.

Well, I think I want to go for a spin on my scooter around the gated, sterile community. In Florida you don't have to wear a helmet. So, I am going to let the wind whip through what's left of my hair!

See ya'!

02 July 2006

Florida Bound

Time to escape the Vortex of Goo!

Stella Corona stepped off the curb,
Got to be home by sunset.
Got to be home by sunset.

Plucked her off, through the atmosphere by Trism!