28 November 2007


I am leaving later then expected, but I keep telling myself it is okay. There’s no rush. I am leaving a day later because I was not feeling 100% and my mum was still in Seattle. This morning I'm dragging my heels too.

I’ve got the car all packed and now it’s time to crab the children and toss them into the car. Oh the joy! Claws are going to flail and I’m going to be bleeding in a moment. Once Nora-Grace and Tabitha are in the car they usually calm down in about 30 minutes. It’s usually at this point they realise they aren’t on their way to veterinary and then they know they are on their way to grandmas.

Eight hours from now I’ll be in Fort Myers. I really don’t like Florida… pray for me!

Well I’m off like a prom dress!

24 November 2007

It's Going Around

I brought a wicked cold back from North Carolina. The above image is how I have been dealing with it. In fact this was my Thanksgiving. No Tofurky this year! However I did manage a bottle of Champagne and NyQuil. What a wonderful combination.

Here it is Saturday and I'm still sick. I hope I get well soon because I leave for Florida on Tuesday. Ugh!

19 November 2007


Tarboro Court House

I have returned from a wonderful time in North Carolina. My friends and I had a blast. It looks like I will be moving back to North Carolina next year! My friend Emma is planning on opening a nightclub in Durham and she wishes for me to design the interior. I am excited for the possible project as well as moving my business up there and hopefully getting some new clients in the Raleigh area.

The triangle area is much larger then Savannah and I believe my business will thrive better in that region. I am also excited about experiencing the four seasons once again and cold weather... and the variety of trees... and hills... and FRESH AIR!

If I do go through with this move I already have a great place to live. I would live in Tarboro, which is an hour outside Raleigh. Emma's mum has a business in an old 19th Century Belk department store building. I was offered the upper level to convert into a loft. The whole idea is just too awesome!

Now I have a lot of thinking to do.

15 November 2007

Home Away From Home

I’m off on a road trip to North Carolina for a few days. I need to take care of some business and future possibilities as well as visit with Emma and David.

12 November 2007

Money and Banks

I would like to take this moment and let y'all know I hate money and I'm really not liking my bank at the moment. That is all.

03 November 2007


Being a child of gothic persuasion and sensibility I find this most amusing. This is exactly how I envisioned Mary Poppins when I was a wee lad. That and any other Disney movie and now someone has put it to visual. Brilliant!

01 November 2007


Jimmy, Erin and the children drove down to Savannah last week. I got to have breakfast and tea with them last Sunday before they continued their journey to Florida. Jimmy needed to pick up some parts for an electric car he is building.

On the way back to North Carolina they decided to stop back in and visit with me again, which is a pleasant surprise. Iris and Mezmer wished to go trick or treating. So we did! I wasn’t intending to dress up so I had no planned costume so I dug out last years Harry Potter costume. We had a good time. The kids got a ton of candy. They’re going to be wired for months!

Afterwards we went to Sakurra’s for sushi. It was a quick, but nice visit and again I shall miss them.

The Gang

Erin, Pina and Mezmer (I think he's coming off a sugar high!)

Me and Iris

Jimmy and Iris

I've lost my mind!