29 September 2006

The Great Stench II

Well, it's a lovely morning. The temperature is 69F degrees and no humidity. I thought it would be nice to ride in the car with the windows down while running errands. For a brief moment it was rather nice.

There I am, a wonderful breeze, music is on, driving along and then it happened. The Great Stench strikes again!

Time to quickly roll up the windows, but it's too late. The rotten smell and I are trapped in the car.

21 September 2006

The Great Stench

It was a rather nice evening last night. The temperature dropped to 57F and so we opened the windows to enjoy the weather and get some fresh air.

Well I forgot how polluted Savannah air could be. Like clockwork The Great Stench creeped in poisoning our lungs and waking me from sleep. With my nostrils burning and eyes watering I stumbled out of bed and closed the windows.

You see Savannah suffers from paper mill production as well as a chemical industry, which also belches out noxious fumes into the air. Now I must add through the years complaints finally made these industries "clean up" a little, but it's still quite bad.

Savannah has some of the highest cancer rates on the East coast as well some of the most acute sinus infections. The sinus infections are blamed on the high pollen count by these industries. It's always blooming here, even during winter. However, if you add the paper mill and chemical companies it makes it so much worse.

Simple Pleasures

Ah the simple pleasure and sheer enjoyment one may have with iChat. This evening I video chatted with my friend, Gloria out in Los Angeles. Here she is tempting me with my favourite beverage, red wine.

The rest is just craziness.


You did what?

18 September 2006

Champagne Sunday

It was another fabulous champagne Sunday. Before we doused ourselves in wonderful champagne Melissa and I did some shopping. Here we are just before entering World Market. After that we moseyed on over to Linen and Things. Then we made a beeline to Pier ‘Pressure’ One.

Afterwards it was nonstop champagne. Then Steve and Jim came over for dinner. Now I am ready for bed. It's 2:00 AM

10 September 2006

Champagne Sunday Lives

Champagne Sunday lives, but it was rather subdued as Melissa is in France and I was cleaning house. Then in the afternoon the Bentley arrived with Steve and Jim to swoop me away for the traditional Sunday house hunting.

Here is Steve, Jim and Doris. It was a fun day for all though we were lacking one person. However she is off in the Provence region visiting Lacoste, Isle sur la Sorge, the Fountain de Vauclus, Penres la Fontain and now off to Baux les Provence so I believe she is having real champagne and with us in spirit.

07 September 2006

A Message

Today I spent some time at Gallery Espresso composing and reading emails. After about an hour and a half of coffee consumption and receiving my dose of barista attitude I decided to leave.

When walking back to my car I came upon this message written on a window unit. The Universe has interesting ways of communicating.

Don’t you think?

05 September 2006

Settling In

I arrived late Sunday evening. Steve and Jim were here with Melissa. They had been indulging in libations and were sweet enough to wait up for me so I could get a few in myself. It was good to see everyone together like old times.

I got up early this morning and mowed the lawn as it was in dire need. Then I went to my storage unit to get a few items so to make my space homier. I must say when I opened the door to the storage unit I got an overwhelming sense of dread and trepidation. There is so much stuff! It made me a little depressed to look at it because I like it all, but I know I need to let go of it too. Oh, this is going to be difficult.

Nora-Grace and Tabitha are settling in, but I think they miss all the space they had to run around in at my mother’s house. They are also aware of Melissa's cats on the other side of the door. We hope at sometime we can introduce them to one another, but I know cats for the most part don't get along with one another unless they were raised together. We shall see.

Melissa leaves for France tomorrow afternoon. I will be taking care of her house and some household chores while she is gone.

Tomorrow I need to run some errands and visit the grocery store. I think I will also pop in at the Gallery and have some over priced coffee with a dash of attitude for old time sake.

03 September 2006

Heading Home

I'm heading home today. I should be on the road by noon. I wish I could leave earlier, but UHaul told me I can't have the trailer until 10:00AM. Apparently there is only one 4x8 trailer in all South Florida and it won't be returned until 9:30AM.

Also it's costing me more to head north then it was to come south. This makes no sense to me. It's usualy the other way around since so many people move this way. Whatever.

I need to finish packing and get all my stuff in the garage. Nora-Grace is aware something is going on. Tabitha as usual, is oblivious. I am hoping they will be calm for our eight hour journey. They traveled well the last time. I wonder what they would be like to travel with across the country? Perhaps I shall find out.

Well, it's time to pack the iMac.

01 September 2006

Another Morning

It’s another morning on the beach today. It’s still quite windy. I'm not sure if it’s left over from Ernesto or just a windy day. The water is choppy too. The Gulf water is usually rather calm and doesn’t have large waves and one must wade far before you can’t touch bottom.

This will probably be my last day on the beach. I have some projects my mum would like for me to do before I head home. I also need to pack tomorrow.

Ho hum.