30 August 2006

Vortex Bound

Well, I have had enough of this right-wing enclave. I have decided to go home. Yes, I am going back to Savannah, and the Vortex of Goo.

Perhaps for the time I will stay it won’t be so gooey. We shall see. All I know is I can’t stay with mother anymore. She has been wonderful. Of course she has. She’s my mum, but SHE IS MY MUM! I can only take so much and this area is just too weird.

Besides when I do eventually settle some place for a job I will be heading north or west so I might as well move a little closer. I miss me friends too.

The plan is to go through my storage unit and have a garage sale. I need to let go, but it’s rather difficult for me to do so. I need to work on that. I figure it’s just too expensive to maintain such a large climate controlled storage unit. It’s also going to be too expensive to move all my stuff either to California, Oregon, Vermont, Massachusetts or New Jersey. These are places I sent my resume to.

I will be leaving Florida on the 3 September and I will be living with my friend Melissa in her fabulous contemporary house located in midtown. It shall be fun. Champagne Sunday shall live again! Actually it never died. It’s just no fun having Champagne Sunday long distance over the telephone.


Emma said...

Don't let the Vortex suck you back in, I don't want to have to come down there with an oversized crowbar to rescue you from it's gravitational pull.

Kevin said...

Good luck on your new venture, your road trip! Have a good weekend.

K-A said...

Emma dah-link,

I shall try and resist. I think all will be well though.

K-A said...


Thank you!