30 October 2006

Halloween Party

This past Saturday evening I decided to attend a Halloween party my friend Keith and Elvira invited me to. I brought a couple bottles of wine with me and drank most of it. I had no idea as to what I should go as. I eventually decided on Harry Potter.

A bloated Harry, a fabulous Frida and a scary Zorro.

I believe that is Bill Clinton.

Elvira (Violet Baudelaire) and Shelly (a Catholic school girl in a very, very, very short skirt.)

I have no idea.

I believe Shane is flipping me off "politely".

A very inebriated and worn-out Harry.


Robert said...

What great pictures and a fabulous party at that. I think you make a swell Harry!!! Great choice K-A!!! Hocus Pocus!!! Owait, that's not what Harry says... Hmm...

Happy Halloweenie!!

Emma Cabrera said...

Looked like you had a bunch of fun. :-)

K-A said...

Expecto Patronum!