30 January 2006

Domestic Bliss

Today I received my juicer attachment for my 1950's Sunbeam Mixmaster. My mum gave me the mixer during my last visit. She said she didn't use it anymore. It did not come with attachments.

Then one day while reading a post in Homer's World, he wrote his juicer bit the dust so he found a replacement on eBay. I said to myself; "duh. eBay!" So I immediately logged on and found the juicer attachment and won it. It cost me only $5.00. I think Homer spent $9. For shame! Actually I spent more in shipping, but just look at it! I mean, isn't it wonderful?

Okay, okay. Shut up, I need a boyfriend!

Anyway my mum had not used it in quite sometime as she had purchased a new fangled mixer awhile back. I think I need to oil this thing. There are two tiny holes on the top of the mixer where I believe one should place drops of oil, but I am not sure. I am trying to find a manual Online, but no luck so far. I have my father’s old solid steel drill, which has the same type of hole on top, but there is an engraving that reads, "oil" so that is obvious.

Ah, domestic bliss.

27 January 2006

Not So Nervous Anymore

The vet telephoned earlier today and let me know that Nora-Grace and Tabitha came through the operation fine and are resting.

I will be able to pick them up tomorrow after 10:00 AM, Yay!

Nervous Wreck

I dropped the children off early this morning at the vet. Nora-Grace and Tabitha are having their little operations. I'm a nervous wreck. I feel kind of guilty that I am taking away the ability for my cats to reproduce. I know it will make them more comfortable by taking the estrus away and it will make me happier too, but do I really have the right?

I know. I'm insane. However, it's how I feel in the back of my mind.

The other thing that has me nervous is Tabitha has a heart murmur. I was told by the doctor she could die during the procedure. The reason being the anesthesia can cause the hear muscle to contract and lock up. The doctor asked if I still wanted to go through with the operation.

What was I supposed to say? I decided to go through with it because I can't have her running around howling all day while in estrus and peeing on my bed and sofa.

They both have to stay over night at the vet and I can pick them up tomorrow. They have never been out of the house over night before. I don't think I will be able to sleep well. Thank goddess it's Sci-Fi night with Betsy. I can drink plenty of wine to compensate.

25 January 2006

One Of Those Days

Today was one of those days that would not end. I have plenty to do at work and have been doing whatever it is I do, but every time I looked up at the clock not much time passed. It was horrible. I have too much on me mind, I guess that's why.

I took this photo of myself at my desk today. My goddess, it's in colour. Excuse me. Color. Oh, it pains me to leave out the letter U. Anyway, I am tired of shaving. So I am not going to for a while. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


22 January 2006

Fabulous Champagne

I just got home from a fabulous time at Melissa M's house. It was our weekly champagne Sunday. Now, I know what you may be thinking, but Melissa and I only consumed three bottles of champagne. We paced ourselves and ate plenty of yummy food while we watched several movies on television.

Then we soaked our feet in bath salts and gave ourselves pedicures. I also gave myself a manicure while we polished off a bottle of wine. Of course we had cupcakes too. Oh, I truly killed the diet today!

What the hell? My kitten, Nora-Grace is hoping around the house. Kind of like Pepe Le Pew. It's very odd. This is crazy she’s doing it again! And there she goes .. . and here I go. Tah, tah!

19 January 2006


Love what is ahead by loving what has come before.

15 January 2006

Lady True

You know, it seems one by one my friends are escaping the Vortex of Goo. One by one they are leaving Savannah for better and brighter futures. I still have good friends here, but they seem to be thinning out. Much like my hair.

Also, there is a lack of decent men in this town. I'm bored and tired of it all. Then when all seems bleak, like my wardrobe, Lady True, aka Cyndi Lauper steps in with words of wisdom.

11 January 2006

Velma Powers Activate!

Jinkies! It's time to channel one of my many alter egos, Velma Dinkley. I must uncover the mystery of the lack o' funds in my life. I must find the clues to bring more wealth so I can simply live without worry.

I had an appointment with the veterinarian today. I left work early to bring my children in for their booster injections. I arrived on time. They did not attend to us until 25 minutes after our arrival. Then I come to find out the $495.00 I paid for the Wellness Plan does not include booster injections. Though when I signed up for the damn thing I was told that it covered everything, including the boosters.

So we had a little spat. I have had with this vet office.

I could not get the injections because it was going to cost me $135.00 and I am fracking broke. I was told they have a once a month vaccination day, which will be next Thursday. I can get the injections for both of them for $46.00. So we will go to this crazy event because I have no other choice.

Money sucks and I hate it so.

08 January 2006

Pissed Off!

Or pissed on, I should say. My lovely cat, Tabitha (BITCH!) pissed on me late last night, early morning. She is in heat and that is what female cats do to attract a male. Well honey, it didn't work! Instead it got her locked in the bathroom while I stripped the bedding down and started the laundry. I am soooo over it. I know she can't help it, but come on. She sleeps on the bed too.

So, this is the new look of comfort. My friend Melissa M. gave me two plastic painters tarps to cover my bed and sofa until Tabitha comes out of heat. My only hope is Nora-Grace won't go into heat. She did the last time Tabitha was in her cycle.

This coming week they are both going to the Vet for their booster injections and once Tabitha is out of her cycle they will both be rushed in for their little operation and that will be that.

04 January 2006

Too much stuff and too many projects!

Last year I started "The Great Purge". This is to say I have too much stuff and it has finally got to me, the pack rat. However, I have been getting rid of things, it seems like forever. Every time I give something away or take it to Goodwill I find more stuff. It seems to mysteriously multiply. I hate it. So this New Year I continue with The Great ENDLESS Purge.

As well I have mounting projects. I have to refinish the dining room table and chairs and the 1930's hardwood shipping crates. I have eight doors, a bathroom, a hall and a kitchen to paint.

Sometimes I wish it would all burn down and go away so I could run off to India and have tea with the Dali Lama.

01 January 2006

New Years Eve

My new year's eve wasn’t at all too exciting. Actually, not at all. I decided to stay in and rent some movies. I rented The Brothers Grimm, Revenge of the Sith and War of the Worlds. All which I did not get to see in the theatre.

After the video store I decided to stop at Fresh Market and use my $20 gift card my Ex gave me. I was so bad. I purchase a slice of Empire State Chocolate Cake. While I was there a rather cute man caught my eye. Then every aisle I went down, their he was.

I thought to myself; "Am I cruising or is he?" Then I thought; "Oh my goddess, I'm cruising in a grocery store!" Mind you, it's an upscale grocery store, but a grocery store nonetheless. So I thought myself, "Okay, why not?" Eventually I was at the check out line and the cute guy was in the line next to me being checked out. No pun intended. I thought to myself; "Okay, perhaps we could flirt or glance or just meet outside the store and decide to go home together." ;)

Well my friends, it wasn't meant to be. Oh, noooooooooooooo! The fates had another twist for me. You see, in front of me was an overly pregnant woman with an overly active babe in her arms. The attendant was busily scanning her items and the pregnant woman was fussing with her purse. After her items were all scanned she, the woman realised she forgot her wallet.

Oh, but she did have single cheque (check) upon her, but it could not be accepted with out ID. So what to do? She whipped out her trusty razor mobile phone and tried to reach her husband. After several tries at three different numbers, no luck.

She looked at me and said; "Oh, thank you for being patient. I left the house without my wallet and am trying to track down my husband so he can pay with his credit card over the phone." I just smiled and said; "Of course."

Miss Pregnant mother with over anxious babe in arms eventually telephone her mum and told her the situation and asked for her credit card number so she could pay for the groceries. Her mother had to give her credit card information three times because she could not get the numbers correctly. SO, after 20 minutes I was finally paid for what I wanted to purchase and was out of the store, but there was no cute man to be found. :(

At midnight (my time) my friend Gloria telephoned from LA. Gloria wished me a happy new year. I told her it felt no different then a year ago. Anyhow I stepped outside so we could hear better the fireworks from the river. They were extra loud and echoing through out the historic district. It was rather loud. I guess that's what it must have been like when the Yankees were invading. Heh, heh.

As well as the fire works we were treated to gun fire. The morons around here shoot their shotguns and semi automatics into the air upon the New Year. I don't think they understand physics. I am not surprised as Georgia has one of the worst education systems in the Union.

Who knows what this New Year holds for me, but I tell you this. I need change and this year will be it.

Happy New Year, y'all!