24 April 2008

Florida Nonsense

Here we have yet another reason I can’t stand the State of Florida. An article on CNN this morning informs us the state is considering a new “I Believe” license plate tag for all those Christians who wish to express their belief on other people.

“Rep. Edward Bullard, the plate's sponsor, said people who "believe in their college or university" or "believe in their football team" already have license plates they can buy. The new design is a chance for others to put a tag on their cars with "something they believe in," he said.”

Yet again we have fundamentalists, the American Taliban trying to infringe on the separation of church and state. I have nothing against people and their beliefs, but no religion should be sanctioned by the state. I believe this is completely inappropriate.

22 April 2008

Decision Made

I have decided to take the position at East Carolina University. It truly is a no brainer when you consider what I am spending a month in fuel just to get to work. I will have less wear on my car and my nerves and more money in the bank.

The music library at ECU is small so I won’t be constantly bombarded with unimaginable personalities on a massive scale. I found myself very drained at the end of my day having to deal with the shear numbers at NCSU.

Also I noticed the ECU music library has more streamline procedures, which will make for smoother operations. As well there are only five of us working in the library and the work-study. As it stands here at NCSU there is something like 200! So I gave my two week notice today. My last day is the 3 May.

Funny thing is my supervisor also handed his resignation at the same time because he can’t bear to be without me. Ha! Actually he got a great internship at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York. He is about finished with his Masters. … My turn next!

17 April 2008

Work and a Decision

This is my second week at the new job. So far so good. There is quite a bit to learn and it does keep me very busy. I like the people I work with and the environment is nice too.

However, there is a nagging issue… and that is my drive to work. I have an hour and ten minute drive to Raleigh. This translates to 75.6 miles, one-way or 151.2 miles a day. Let us take this a few steps further. That is to say, I drive 756 miles a week and 3,024 miles a month or 36,288 miles a year.

So far, I need to fill up the tank every two days. Currently in this region, gas is $3.40. I have a 16.9-gallon tank. This translates to $57.46. Therefore, I spend $172.38 a week on fuel for getting to work. This does not include any other type of driving. The yearly fuel cost for just getting to work is, at the current gas price, $8,274.24.

You know, I think I am spending well over 12 hours a week in commuting hours. Before my moving to North Carolina my carbon imprint was very little. Now, it is the complete opposite!

When I was job searching I had interviewed for a position at East Carolina University after I interviewed for the current position at North Carolina State University. Well, ECU called me today and offered me a position. It figures I would get this offer after I start at NCSU and already been through orientation, been issued keys and am in heavy training!

I know one might think why not move to Raleigh. The answer is I really cannot afford to at this time. I probably could later, but I come to realise I have an awesome living situation here in Tarboro, which could help me pay down my debt. If I stay here, I am certain I will be debt free within two years, maybe less. Now that is brilliant.

Anyhow, here is the situation. ECU is located in Greenville. It is a 29.1-mile drive from Tarboro. Therefore, it would take me something like 40 minutes to get to work. It is quite a bit less driving a year (13,968). I am certain I would not have to fill the tank up as much either.

However, the position pays $300 less then my current position. I pay more for gas a month driving to Raleigh. There is also a part of me that feels a little guilty for leaving a job that I only started a week ago. So … what do you think? What would you do?

08 April 2008

Car Stuff

Today I got my North Carolina driver’s license. I passed the knowledge exam with a perfect score. It cost me $32.

The other thing I had to take care of was the tag, title and registration. In Georgia, we call them tags, but in North Carolina, it is called a “license plate”. So I go down to the tag… err, license plate office and I discover something interesting. The registration office is not located in a state run building. It is a privately run office located in a tanning salon! Yes, I could have got a tan while I waited for my paperwork to be completed. ‘Tis very odd. Anyhow, this cost me $218.

The next thing I have to do is have my car inspected. We do not have automobile inspection in Georgia except in Atlanta and that is only emissions. So I do not know what to expect however I do know it will cost me another $30. Therefore, for me to have my car legal in North Carolina it has cost me $280. Bleh!

Could you imagine if I had Steve’s Bentley or Jim’s Jaguar… or even Kevin’s Audi? So, it could have been worse.

On the bright side of things, I start my new job tomorrow at North Carolina State University. Yay!

03 April 2008

Spring Time

This morning I walked down to the Calvary Parish Episcopal Church and the Old Town Cemetery. It was such a wonderful gloomy day! It made me want to dwell with the dead for an hour or so. Ever since I was a child and much to the chagrin of my parents, I would spend quality time with the dead. I would spend hours laying in the cemetery. Anyhow, the weather is gone cool again, but the flowers and trees are blooming. I got some great images.

The Calvary Parish grounds are amazing. The design of the churchyard and its original plantings are the work of Joseph Blount Cheshire, rector of Calvary from 1842 until 1889, who collected plants from all over the world to create an arboretum here on the church grounds.

Some of the greenery featured is Saucer Magnolia, China Fir, American Holly, Carolina Cherry Laurel, False Holly, Bald Cyprus, Sweet Bay, Willow Oak, English Yew, Yaupon Holly, Incense Cedar and Eastern Redbud. There is much more!

The Old Town Cemetery, by contrast is disappointing. I am not sure as to what happened, but most of the gravestones are missing. There are a few Confederate markers as well as some rather well worn stones.

Here are a few images. If you wish to see more click on the Tarboro Cemetery link.

02 April 2008


The search has ended! I am now an employee of the DHL Library at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

I received the telephone call late this morning. When they told me the salary, I was disappointed and slightly offended. They asked if I am interested in the position and I asked a little time to think about it.

The salary is less then what I made at SCAD so I first felt like it was an insult, but then after mulling over it for an hour I changed my mind.

A friend reminded me of the job security you have with the state as well as the state benefits. Another friend reminded me SCAD is a private institution and NCSU is a state institution so there is bound to be a difference in salaries and yet another friend reminded me that in times like a recession it is not wise to pass up an offer.

Sometimes one needs to take a step back before going forward.

My first day is next Wednesday.