30 June 2007

Too Much

Stupid me. I believe I drank an entire bottle of wine. Too much, too much, TOO MUCH!

The evening started at Steve and Jim's house when I popped in for a quick visit. I was offered a glass of wine. Then I met Nicholas, Calvin and Jeremy at Gallery Espresso where I had a glass of wine. Then we ended up at Lulu’s Chocolate bar where I had two glasses of wine. Oh, and then we popped in next-door at Venus de Milo where I had two more glasses of wine!

Actually I don't think I finished that last glass of wine and now that I think about it I probably drank more then a bottle. Some of those glasses are like two normal size glasses. Anyhow I had to spend the night at Nicholas's apartment and ended up sleeping on his most uncomfortable settee. Now my back hurts.

I think this is going to be a rather lazy day. Though I will say we had a swell time.

28 June 2007

My Dead Body

$4575.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth

Hey Lewis, apparently my body is also worth more then yours! Ha, ha!

27 June 2007

Gallery Opening

Last night Calvin, Nicholas and myself went to a gallery opening at the Telfair Museum of Art’s Jepson Centre. I’m afraid I can’t remember the name of the artist the opening was for. There was an unimpressive installation piece of painted clay babies that ascended the stairs in the museum. It dealt with race and such.

At one point I was expecting Nicholas to fall and roll down the stairs in one of his uncontrolled spiritual possessions by Anna Nicole Smith, taking out the installation on the way down. Thankfully he managed to ward off her spirit long enough until we left the museum.

During our walkabout I was more impressed by the works of Hilary Brace. What an amazing artist! Her work is small, mystical and painstakingly tiny. I don’t know how she does it. The images I viewed were in charcoal on polyester film. Very cool.

Below are some photographs taken inside and outside the museum for your enjoyment.

The baby installation.

Looking towards the reception area.


The old post office tower.

It was a lovely evening.

24 June 2007

Lazy Sunday

Last night some friends and I went out to eat and then hit Venus De Milo for a while and then onto Club One. I was out until 1:30 AM and so I am running a little low on energy. Thus it's a lazy Sunday, but I guess that is what the weekends are for. :) I had a good time.

Today I am at work for five hours. Hidden Pointe Townhomes is a client of mine, but I also work for them part-time as part of their design team. Another thing I do for them is hand out information and give tours to interested buyers. At the same time I give them my business card. It's good advertisement for me. The builders are currently selling the properties themselves so if a sale should go through I get a commission. So far I haven't sold anything. Who knows, perhaps I will.

Currently I am trying to design a medallion for a courtyard for one of the units. It's to be made of brick. We have some extra brick so I was asked to come up with something. Brick is such an odd material to create a medallion with so I am afraid it won't be too intricate of a design.

20 June 2007


Around, all around, the shadows gather.
My dread grows as the dagger of your words falls against my naked soul.
It crushes me, and darkly my soul drips to the barren land.
In numbness I hang my head while nothingness looms.
Now alone, my supplication falls upon dead eyes.
This is because of you

17 June 2007

Heading Home

Well I am heading home this morning and not a moment too soon. This place drives me CRAZY! It's always nice to visit with my mum and I always like to come back to Fort Myers to reconfirm the knowledge this town lacks soul.

I met a couple of Interior Decorators while visiting. They are going to make some drapery for my mothers bedroom. We hit it off rather well and they think I should relocate here because they believe I would be busy all the time. I know this would probably be true because people are moving here constantly and have money to burn, but I did not have the heart to tell them I don't really care for Fort Myers and Florida in general.

The cats had a good time. They enjoy having a full house to run around in and they definitely enjoy going out on the lanai. This morning a giant herrin flew down right in front of them which naturally sent them into a tizzy. Then a rabbit came by to torment them and just stared while it grazed.

Well I guess it's time to get the car loaded and head home to civilisation. ;) Hopefully the 8 hour drive will go by quickly and uneventfully. On the way here a stone flew up from the road and cracked my windscreen. I'm still pissed off about it.

15 June 2007

Fort Myers

I spent today walking around downtown and if I dare mention, I visited a Star Bucks Coffee House. I really don’t like corporate coffee, but there isn’t anything else here. Downtown has been cleaned up quite a bit from the way it used to be. Unfortunately there isn’t much to do. It’s mostly made up of restaurants and bars and shopping is limited.

At one time it was full of antique shops, but they are all gone. You used to find all kinds of kitsch things. The city planners ran them all out because they wanted to revitalize the area and in doing so the rents went way up. It’s really quite a shame.

It seems the people here prefer to frequent malls and strip malls, which is evident from the suburban sprawl. The downtown area is completely dead because of it. It’s odd to me because in Savannah the downtown or historic district is the place to be.

Of course Savannah has its architecture, history and an art school which breaths life into the city. Fort Myers doesn’t have a creative scene. I believe that plays a big part in its lifelessness.

Downtown Fort Myers has the potential, but they have not discovered it as of yet so there are empty buildings everywhere with For Lease signs.

Below are some photographs I took today. Most of them are in sepia tone. Enjoy!

11 June 2007


I am about to leave for Florida this morning. I was supposed to go this past Friday, but Nicholas wasn't home from Texas yet and then I decided to go Saturday, but we partied too late and then Sunday, but I was wiped out. So now it is time!

It's time to clean the litter box and toss the kids into the car. (This should be fun) Generally Nora-Grace and Tabitha travel pretty well, but for the first 20 minutes or so they are kind of freaked out.

Apparently since the rains started to fall the fires in Georgia and Florida are about out. It is said they are 100% contained so this means I can travel I-10 without issue.

Well, I'm off!

08 June 2007

Too Hot, Too Humid

Today has been unbearable. IT'S TOO DAMNED HOT AND HUMID! I hate hot, humid weather. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I'M CRANKY!

On top of this I have been driving around Nicholas's car for the past week. Oh, by the way Nicholas is "N". I have his car because it's a beautiful 1973 Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL. Actually I don't have it because it's beautiful, but because he had to drive down to Jacksonville, Florida to catch a flight home to Texas.

We decided it wouldn't be a good idea for him to drive his car such a distance because of its age. That and the fact it sucks up fuel like I do water. It has a monster-sized fuel tank. I believe it gets something like ten miles to a gallon. So he has taken my car and there it sits with its icy cold A/C in a parking garage in Jacksonville. Y'all don't understand. I had to peel myself off those lovely comfortable leather seats once I arrived from the Southside to Downtown. My back was completely drenched. I really HATE THAT! Again, I am cranky.

Nicholas should return tomorrow sometime :) and then on Sunday I will be heading to Fort Myers, Florida to visit with my mum.

02 June 2007

Scary Savannah

As a vegetarian I find this totally disgusting, but some friends of mine such as Melissa finds nothing wrong with it. I find it scary and so it now has a home in my new Scary Savannah Series.

Get your smoked pork butts! Mmmmmm.