30 July 2006


You Are 26% New Jersey!

You are not New Jersey, based on this score. You're probably not from this great state. And if that is true, then you are missing out, my friend!

How New Jersey Are You?

I wonder if I would be allowed to cross the border?

29 July 2006

What To Do?

There I was the other day toiling away painting my mum’s kitchen and I received a phone call. It was the temp agency, Manpower Professional.

Apparently they want to place me back in the Technical Library at Honeywell. I worked for them back in 2002. It’s a long story.

Anyhow, I had contacted a friend at Honeywell sometime ago. Actually when I was still at my previous job. At the time I knew my job was in jeopardy so I had inquired about possible positions. She told me they may need help in the Technical Library, but was not certain as to when.

Time passed and so I thought it would not happen. That’s what the telephone call was about. They wish to know if I would be interested in the position. Currently I am not actively looking for work as I am taking Online classes trying to build some new skills.

Here is the problem. Honeywell is in New Jersey. I wrote earlier that I worked for them before.It was strange fate how I ended up in New Jersey, but I did. I was born there, but I lived longer in Georgia so I find it a strange environment.

I am not sure I want to return. I know I need a job, but I am not sure I should take this one. However, living with mother and in Florida is driving me CRAZY!

Do I entertain this job possibility just so I can get out of here? It’s such an expensive area of the country to live in besides the fact they’re all rather high-strung.

The pay for the job would be more then twice what I was making at my previous pain in the ass (job). However the job is a temporary position through Manpower with the possibility of becoming a permanent position afterwards.

I am not sure I want to relocate such a distance for a temporary position with a possibility of it becoming a permanent situation. Am I making excuses? I know I know I keep telling myself it’s a job and I need one. Do you see? I am driving myself insane. It’s New Jersey for christ sake!

Perhaps I should accept it as a job. After the year I could move elsewhere, but at least until then I would earn my living. I guess. Oh hell, I don’t know.

Did I tell you my mother is DRIVING ME CRAZY?

26 July 2006



20 July 2006

Limbo / Purgatory

I think I am in a void of another kind. I am not sure what it is though. I can say, for certain I am in Limbo, perhaps purgatory even. I am not a Christian and I don’t subscribe to any religion in general. Dogma is not my way.

However I think limbo and purgatory is the same thing, more or less. Please take a look at the following picture. The photograph below is my mum’s home. It is where I am currently living.

Now take a look at this next photograph. It is right around the corner. Oh, wait. This is my mum’s house. Hmm no, it’s not. Take a look at the house block number.

Let me turn another corner. Oh, it’s my mum’s house again. NO! Take a look at the house block number.

AHHHHHH! I’m fracking lost!

You see, is this not apropo for being in limbo or purgatory? I mean everything is the fucking same! (notice I did not write fracking) This whole bloody area has no character.

So it’s clean, safe and quiet, but not necessarily good. Would that not be purgatory? I mean, it’s not heaven and it’s not hell. It’s just BORING!

09 July 2006

Image Of The Moment

Cyprus Roots

07 July 2006

Doodling Along

There hasn’t been much going on. I have been working on my resume and studying a little for the Apple Technician training exam. I can finally concentrate on that again with all the moving done.

Well, sort of. Martine took me out to dinner last night and again, I did not return home until this morning. ;) We got to find out a little more about one another. He is of Spanish decent, but is from Ecuador. His mum is from Spain. I think his father is of Spanish decent, but is born and raised in Ecuador. They immigrated here over seven years ago.

It’s truly amazing to meet someone who really loves his or her job. I don’t know many people that do. I know Homer does and perhaps DJ Mouse. She is following her dream, but other then them Martin is the only other person I know that does. When he speaks of his work his eyes light up.

My eyes light up too, but only when I see a nice bolt of fabric I can’t afford.

05 July 2006

Thar Be Fireworks

I went out last night to check out the scene. Uhm, well I just got home about 30 minutes ago! I met a Spanish man named Martine. He told me about the area and about a few other bars. We went to another one together and then made out.

The making out lasted all night and into the early morning. WOW! We made our own fireworks.

I need a nap.

04 July 2006

Getting Settled

I have been unpacking and getting settled. Nora-Grace and Tabitha love my mum's porch. Oh, excuse me, Lanai. The cats love the lanai. (say it like Thurston Howell) They sit out there for hours and sun themselves. I think they are adjusting well.

My mother went to Seattle to visit with my sister. She will be gone for three weeks! TIME TO PARTY! Yes, let me call the ZERO number of people I know here.

I have updated some of the stuff on this website, but blogger is being weird. The changes have been made, but not all are showing up. I will have to check back later to see.

Thanks to all who have sent well wishes to me. I appreciate it. I am enjoying being away from the Vortex of Goo. Though in a way I do miss my home, but not enough to try and come back. Really, I can breathe here and I mean literally. I have also noticed Tabitha's eye allergies have cleared up a bit.

Well, I think I want to go for a spin on my scooter around the gated, sterile community. In Florida you don't have to wear a helmet. So, I am going to let the wind whip through what's left of my hair!

See ya'!

02 July 2006

Florida Bound

Time to escape the Vortex of Goo!

Stella Corona stepped off the curb,
Got to be home by sunset.
Got to be home by sunset.

Plucked her off, through the atmosphere by Trism!

01 July 2006

Last Day In The Vortex Of Goo

I had to extend my time here by two days. As stated before I have too much stuff. I finally got the last of it in storage yesterday and started packing the U-Haul trailer last night. The things in the trailer are going with me to Florida, but it turns out I have more then I thought. Imagine that!

My friend Betsy came by to help with the trailer and the cleaning. I didn't go to bed until 2:00 AM this morning. My landlords came down and suggested I leave Sunday. They are wonderful people. I shall miss them. I called U-Haul and asked if I could keep the trailer an extra day. They said yes. So I shall leave early tomorrow morning.

Today Betsy and Toni came by earlier to help with more of the cleaning then we went for some brunch. It was nice to just relax and eat out after all these weeks of packing and moving. I got really tired and decided it was time for a nap. I just got up and I don't feel like such a zombie anymore.

Tonight I need to mop the kitchen floor and clean the bathroom and I shall be truly done. The apartment is oddly empty except for a few items yet to go on the trailer. My entire material wealth is crammed in to a 10x20 storage unit. It's just the cats and me now.

Change is good.

It's the last night in the vortex of goo. I shall break free of the vortex and escape! I hope because it does have the power to reach out and pull you back.

We shall see.