25 August 2006

What A Mess

Today I got the wild hair to tinker with my iBooks. WHAT A MESS!

Yesterday I replaced the logic board in the Cube. It's now working fine. So I decided to give the Cube to my mum and take back the "snow" iBook I gave her roughly three years ago. I originally gave her my iBook because my previous job provided me with a PowerBook. I wanted her to try and learn to use a computer. At first it was like pulling teeth to get her to go near it, but now she uses it.

Anyway since that time I purchased an older "clamshell" version iBook to have for blogging and Internet whilst traveling. I upgraded to a 20 GB hard drive because these original models only came with 3 GB's. Now that I got the one I gave to my mum back I am going to use that when I travel and sell the clamshell.

The wild hair I got was to swap out the hard drives. With the clamshell variety you have to take the whole bloody thing to pieces to get at the hard drive. I did it before, no problem. The "snow" version you don't have as much to dismantle, but it's a lot of work nonetheless.

So I finally get the hard drives out of both only to discover the "snow" version has a different bracketing system. It has small support nodules built directly on the hard drive. It won't fit on the clamshell version and the larger hard drive from the clamshell has no way of securing into the "snow" version. All that work for not. Grrrrrrr.

Wasn't this post just gripping?

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