31 August 2007

Goal Achieved

I am happy to report I have reached my goal of returning to a size 32 waist! I have not been in a size 32 since 1993. Woo! My diet and exercise has been paying off.

I just treated myself to two new pairs of trousers in celebration. It’s the simple things that make me happy. ☺

30 August 2007

People! (part 3)

Yet again my theory that people suck has been reinforced. I was just sitting in traffic on DeRenne Avenue on my return from North Jacksonville, aka Southside Savannah. I'm minding my own business waiting patiently for the light to turn green when out of nowhere three young heathens hurl a large cup of coffee at my car from the side of the road!

As I was reaching for my gun to shoot them they ran off. Bastards!

28 August 2007

People! (part 2)

Last night after several cups of Chamomile mint and Kava tea I finally chilled out from the day’s events. I got to thinking that people really SUCK! Yes, it is true.

It dawned on me that not one person stopped to see if we were all right from the accident! It was a three-car pile-up and there were plenty of witnesses, but they all pulled out from behind us and drove off. How rude and if I dare say, illegal. The idea that the South is full of polite people is just as myth. We can be just as inconsiderate, rude and selfish as any Yankee or anyone from anywhere else for that matter.

After the accident we pulled our cars off the road into a car dealership parking lot. This process took a little time because people were being inconsiderate and would not let us move our cars to free up the road. They kept driving on by gawking. Once we got into the parking lot the owner came out and asked if everyone was okay and mentioned he called the police. I thought this was nice. At least someone cared, but then he tried to sell us new cars! I'm totally serious.

A half hour later the Thunderbolt police arrived with sirens blaring. A half hour later! The officer jumps out of his cruiser and says; "Is everyone alright?" We all looked at him in disbelief. I said to someone if there were injuries we would be dead by now. It took a half hour for them to arrive because the two police stations were arguing over who had the jurisdiction. Savannah or Thunderbolt?

The dealership address states it's in Thunderbolt. Duh!

27 August 2007


I have had too many car accidents in my 40 years of life upon this earth plane. I have had enough! In all these years not one has been my fault, not one have I been held accountable for. I have a perfect driving record and it has been said by someone that I drive like an old woman. Frankly I don't find this fair since many old women here in Savannah drive horribly and for that matter so does this certain 40 something year old living in Ardsley Park. (Oh!)

Yet again I'm rear ended (y'all, need to bite your tongue) in traffic, which wasn't even moving! This is always the case, I'm usually not even moving. People just seem to see me and hurl their vehicles at me! WTF?

Stop it stop it STOP IT!

26 August 2007

Suckety, Suck, Suck!

I'm in a mood! It looks as if I may not be able to go back to graduate school. Apparently I can't get all the funding I need. I have to try another option now, but I am not sure I'll get it. Perhaps I should consider a State school, but this means I'll have to go for an MFA. I want an MA because it will only take a year to complete and it's less money.

I guess I could look at UGA again, but if I go there I'll have to move to Athens and I would have to move my business too. I have many contacts here, which has been great for business. I would have to start all over again. Ugh!


22 August 2007

Unexpectedly Busy

Business is rolling along. My biggest client is taking up a fair amount of my time though. As stated once before this client is a builder. I have a contract with them to decorate their model home. The only problem is it's taking a very long time to complete construction on the model. There have been some "issues" which I really can't write about, but needless to say it's holding everything up. In the mean time I don't get paid for the contract.

Things aren't too bad though because in the interim they had hired me in as a part-time "designer" for their spec houses and some design related office work. I am learning a lot and there has been so much to do that it's becoming more then part-time. So all in all it's working out.

Currently I am designing a new website for my business because the current one is rather boring and uninformative. I originally threw the damn thing together rather quickly so I would have something out there, but it's time for something more professional.

On top of all this I am working on getting together a new portfolio. Some of you know this from conversation, but for you that don't I have decided to return to graduate school to finish my master’s degree. It's been a very long time since I originally began my masters and quit in disillusionment. Now I am returning to classes at age 40 and I think I finally have my head on straight, figuratively speaking that is.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Painting and a minor in Art History, Graphic Design and Photography. Yes, that many minors. I took 10 years to get my bachelors!

Do I paint anymore? No. Do I dabble in graphic design? Not really, but perhaps a little web design is related to that. Do I still photograph? Sure I do, but not in the manner I was trained.

What career do I have? I'm an Interior Decorator. Yes, I know ... how gay. I finally embraced what I enjoy doing and have enjoyed for most of my life. Many, many moons ago I almost went for a degree in Interior Design, but I decided against it for what I perceived as too linear and ridged a degree for such a free flowing individual, such as myself. ;) I am more concerned with the decorating aspects then the drafting. You see I really don't like drawing straight lines. I always looked at Interior Design as "Architecture Light", but I have decided to bite the bullet and return to graduate school for my masters in Interior Design.

I have to make certain this new portfolio is brilliant because I would like to avoid as many prerequisite classes as possible. Since my bachelors degree is in a completely unrelated field I need to show I understand the basics in Interior Design such as elevations, electrical drawings, terminology and the like.

I think I will be okay. My business is related and I have a certain process I go through in every project, which is similar to that of an Interior Designer. I have a tremendous amount of resources at my fingertips via the builder I work with. They are excited for me and said they would help me out. So why not? In the end I'll be able to expand my business.

So here I am unexpectedly busy!

19 August 2007

A Good Weekend

The above image of Jeremy pretty much sums up this weekend. It was a good time had by all! I am finally over the funk and thank you everyone for the kind words of support during the past week and a half.

We went to Lu Lu's Chocolate bar and met up with friends. I was feeling so good I ended up having three chocolate martinis!

Afterwards we went to Venus De Milo for a change of atmosphere where I had another martini. Then we decided to head over to Club One where for some reason I had a gin and tonic. Then we got a wild hair and decided to drive out to Tybee Island.

On the way there we stopped at the Huddle House on Whitemarsh Island and consumed mass quantities of food. I don't normally frequent such places because it's not the most vegetarian friendly environment, but I was happy to get something in my stomach.

Then we headed to Tybee. We pulled into North beach and found a wonderful spot to sit and watched the ships that were lined up to enter the Savannah River. The stars were really beautiful too and we got to see several shooting stars. We spent a fair amount of time talking and just having a really good time.

I eventually crawled into bed at 5:15 AM!

16 August 2007

Cheney in 1994 on Iraq

Unbelievable! Every news station should run this and Fox News should be forced to run it every two hours. Thanks be to Steve for forwarding this to me.

13 August 2007

Summer Funk

I haven’t been in a mood to post much lately because I have the summer funk. It’s some kind of flu. I have never been in sick during the summer months before. People have said to me that being sick in summer is the worst. It seems to last longer. Currently I am inclined to believe such statements because I just can’t seem to get better.

I think I am starting to heal though because it seems to have left my lymph glands and throat and has moved to my head. However I developed a horrible cough at night. Last night I woke up out of a deep sleep because I started to cough. I had to sit up in order to get some air. The coughing would not stop and I thought I was going to cough out a lung!

Then I continued to cough on and off for the rest of the evening. It was awful.

I think it’s my own fault though. You see two weeks ago I decided to go out and live a little. Several of my friends have this misguided view that I am uptight because I don’t sleep around. When I explain to them that I have tried it and it’s just not me they still insist I am uptight.

Anyhow it had been over a year since my last sexual encounter so I decided that perhaps it’s time for me to “live” a little.

The outcome? Well, I did meet someone and went home with him. NOW I’M SICK!

Whenever I “live” a little I end up getting sick. This is one of the reasons I don’t do it often. It’s like the gods have something against me. They’re fine as long as I don’t enjoy myself. If I enjoy myself too much they send out the fates to get me.

I have had some crazy things happen to me for having random sex. I am not going to post about it because it’s embarrassing. Thankfully it has not been life threatening or require ongoing treatment. I am clean, healthy and strong, but it’s been enough for me to consider becoming a Buddhist monk or at least retreat back into my shell, which I find more comfortable, then a messy one-night stand.

I think I am good for another year. Well, of course if I were to find the right mate then I will reconsider, but I am not keeping my fingers crossed. I mean I do live in the Vortex of Goo.

03 August 2007


This picture was taken in 1998. I was living in Atlanta and my friend Jimmy found my Polaroid camera (remember those?) and snapped this surprise picture of me. The crazy expression is because I was attempting to tell him to stop, but it was too late. You see I had plans for that last piece of film though almost ten years later I can't remember what for.

Anyway I just came across this image in a folder of scanned photographs on my computer. It made me laugh and remember fondly the times I spent with my friends in Atlanta.