26 November 2006


The dining room has gone teal.

13 November 2006


Autumn has finally settled here in Savannah. The majority of our trees don't drop their leaves or change colour, though there are a few varieties that do such as this Japanese maple. There are two wonderful specimens off of Melissa's patio.

The weather is currently pleasantly cool with no humidity.

07 November 2006

I'm A Georgia Voter

I voted today at the Rose of Sharon. After voting you always get an "I'm A Georgia Voter" sticker to place on your shirt. I'm wearing it, but it makes me feel like a child that was given a gold star for a job well done. Anyway, it wasn't crowded at the polling station. I am not sure if that's a good thing, but I was in and out in no time. It was nothing like those other places around the country where people are experiencing "glitches".

As far as I am concerned here in Savannah and Georgia as a whole we don't have much to choose from in the way of great candidates, but at least I chose someone. Of course I chose mostly Democrats, but I did choose a Libertarian for Secretary of State and State School Superintendent.

Hopefully we will see change nationally, Goddess knows we need it.

06 November 2006

It's Time

Y'all need to get out there!