30 August 2006

Vortex Bound

Well, I have had enough of this right-wing enclave. I have decided to go home. Yes, I am going back to Savannah, and the Vortex of Goo.

Perhaps for the time I will stay it won’t be so gooey. We shall see. All I know is I can’t stay with mother anymore. She has been wonderful. Of course she has. She’s my mum, but SHE IS MY MUM! I can only take so much and this area is just too weird.

Besides when I do eventually settle some place for a job I will be heading north or west so I might as well move a little closer. I miss me friends too.

The plan is to go through my storage unit and have a garage sale. I need to let go, but it’s rather difficult for me to do so. I need to work on that. I figure it’s just too expensive to maintain such a large climate controlled storage unit. It’s also going to be too expensive to move all my stuff either to California, Oregon, Vermont, Massachusetts or New Jersey. These are places I sent my resume to.

I will be leaving Florida on the 3 September and I will be living with my friend Melissa in her fabulous contemporary house located in midtown. It shall be fun. Champagne Sunday shall live again! Actually it never died. It’s just no fun having Champagne Sunday long distance over the telephone.

29 August 2006

Beautiful Morning

I went to the beach this morning. The weather was surprisingly beautiful though the wind was picking up due to Ernesto.

The entrance to the beach has many signs posted stating all kinds of regulations and such. This is the one you should really pay attention to because no one wants to do the Stingray Hop.

While walking through the sand out towards the Gulf of Mexico I came upon this ancient ziggurat. Then the new camera I purchased last night died. You can see its death in the quality of the image.

This afternoon I returned the dead camera and got a replacement. I would like to go out and start experimenting with it, but the dark clouds and rain have arrived.

Ernesto should be passing by sometime tomorrow, I guess.

28 August 2006

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The outer storms are starting to arrive.

Everything is in a haze of creepy yellow. Ooooo.

25 August 2006

What A Mess

Today I got the wild hair to tinker with my iBooks. WHAT A MESS!

Yesterday I replaced the logic board in the Cube. It's now working fine. So I decided to give the Cube to my mum and take back the "snow" iBook I gave her roughly three years ago. I originally gave her my iBook because my previous job provided me with a PowerBook. I wanted her to try and learn to use a computer. At first it was like pulling teeth to get her to go near it, but now she uses it.

Anyway since that time I purchased an older "clamshell" version iBook to have for blogging and Internet whilst traveling. I upgraded to a 20 GB hard drive because these original models only came with 3 GB's. Now that I got the one I gave to my mum back I am going to use that when I travel and sell the clamshell.

The wild hair I got was to swap out the hard drives. With the clamshell variety you have to take the whole bloody thing to pieces to get at the hard drive. I did it before, no problem. The "snow" version you don't have as much to dismantle, but it's a lot of work nonetheless.

So I finally get the hard drives out of both only to discover the "snow" version has a different bracketing system. It has small support nodules built directly on the hard drive. It won't fit on the clamshell version and the larger hard drive from the clamshell has no way of securing into the "snow" version. All that work for not. Grrrrrrr.

Wasn't this post just gripping?

23 August 2006

Beach Burn

Today out of sheer boredom I decided to go to the beach and lay upon the sand like a beached whale. Well I got burned. No, it's not that bad. The above picture has been enhanced for dramatic effect. It's how I feel.

Anyhow it was a nice two hours. The best thing about going during a weekday is no one is around. It was just me, the sand, palms, water, and the birds.

16 August 2006

12 August 2006


It was 1984 and I was 17 years old. Yes, that is big hair and yes that is a mustache! Scary.

09 August 2006

Sweet Apple

I'm having computer issues. My poor old Cube is starting to fade. It has held out for six years, which is good considering the model, didn't last long when it was first introduced.

I think the logic board is going. I searched on the Internet for a replacement board, but their too expensive. I do have an extra logic board, but it's buried in storage back home in Savannah. I can buy a newer Mac which is faster for the same price or a little more then a replacement logic board and that's what I did.

This is a picture of my new, old G4 17" iMac. I've always wanted to own this model iMac. I just purchased it off eBay and I kept well within my budget. I'm so excited!

It's a big improvement on the Cube. Speed, hard drive and best of all a 17" screen. I like my current studio display, but at 15" it's a pain in the arse working in Photoshop.

Ah, sweet Appley goodness (sorry Homer). Have you had your Macintosh today? An Apple a day keeps the PC blues away!

07 August 2006

Tough Life

As I paint and paint and paint Nora-Grace helps out. Here she has been sleeping in this position for several hours.