29 July 2006

What To Do?

There I was the other day toiling away painting my mum’s kitchen and I received a phone call. It was the temp agency, Manpower Professional.

Apparently they want to place me back in the Technical Library at Honeywell. I worked for them back in 2002. It’s a long story.

Anyhow, I had contacted a friend at Honeywell sometime ago. Actually when I was still at my previous job. At the time I knew my job was in jeopardy so I had inquired about possible positions. She told me they may need help in the Technical Library, but was not certain as to when.

Time passed and so I thought it would not happen. That’s what the telephone call was about. They wish to know if I would be interested in the position. Currently I am not actively looking for work as I am taking Online classes trying to build some new skills.

Here is the problem. Honeywell is in New Jersey. I wrote earlier that I worked for them before.It was strange fate how I ended up in New Jersey, but I did. I was born there, but I lived longer in Georgia so I find it a strange environment.

I am not sure I want to return. I know I need a job, but I am not sure I should take this one. However, living with mother and in Florida is driving me CRAZY!

Do I entertain this job possibility just so I can get out of here? It’s such an expensive area of the country to live in besides the fact they’re all rather high-strung.

The pay for the job would be more then twice what I was making at my previous pain in the ass (job). However the job is a temporary position through Manpower with the possibility of becoming a permanent position afterwards.

I am not sure I want to relocate such a distance for a temporary position with a possibility of it becoming a permanent situation. Am I making excuses? I know I know I keep telling myself it’s a job and I need one. Do you see? I am driving myself insane. It’s New Jersey for christ sake!

Perhaps I should accept it as a job. After the year I could move elsewhere, but at least until then I would earn my living. I guess. Oh hell, I don’t know.

Did I tell you my mother is DRIVING ME CRAZY?


gmoney said...

So, do you think that the internet will provide the answer? Perhaps someone out there who knows a lot more than you or I, always gives sound advice and is never critical will answer from the netherworld.

Until then, sneak out at night and live the life of a teenager under curfew of a southern mother.

i see a good short novel out of this, hmm..

gmoney said...

by the way, love the music. MMM... second glass of chardonnay, moved on to coffee and amaretto. Yummy monday.

K-A said...

Dr. G!

Emma Cabrera said...

Just say No to NJ!

I sent you a job possibility via email.