30 July 2006


You Are 26% New Jersey!

You are not New Jersey, based on this score. You're probably not from this great state. And if that is true, then you are missing out, my friend!

How New Jersey Are You?

I wonder if I would be allowed to cross the border?


AZZAI.COM said...

Hi! Nice site. Come see mine please, and let a message! I am glad to see you there.

Anonymous said...

I tried it and scored even lower then you did...15. Take it as a sign - M

Robert said...

And on that note. How much Floridian are you?? :-)

K-A said...


Seeing Florida is practically annexed by N.J. and N.Y., it's about the same. In fact visiting different places here and hearing all those Yankee accents I feel like I am already in N.J. or N.Y. ;)

tacnik said...

dude, take the job. a year is gonna pass in the next 12 months anyway... if there isnt anything better looming on this horizon then at least take the job and change the horizon to see something else perhaps!

do it. strike that match...