29 April 2007


I noticed last night a rather pungent smell of pine smoke wafting through town. It's happening again right now, but much stronger. I just remembered a large swath of southern Georgia is burning not too far from Savannah. So that must be it. It's giving me a headache so it's time to close the windows and crank up the A/C.

25 April 2007

Hard Hat

Okay kids, how do you like my new look?

According to OSHA I have to wear a hard hat while in certain areas on site. The hats get passed around from person to person and the cushioned forehead strap gets drenched with sweat and oil. Gross! So I decided to purchase my own.

This picture wasn't taken on site. It's a Photoshop composite just for fun.

I think I am going to grow my beard back because I miss it. However since I am not fond of hot weather I am not sure how long I will keep it. We shall see.

20 April 2007

Becoming My Mum

I am becoming my mother. When I was child my mum would have these very strange dreams and then she would awake "howling". Actually it was more like a "woooo". She would do this periodically and wake my father half startled. My siblings and I would also awake sometimes from the strange ghoulish noise. Or if we were up we would think to ourselves, what the fuck?

She would never say what she dreamt of. Perhaps she did not remember? I don't know. I think it's time I ask her if she does remember because I did the same thing last night!

In my dream I was in my car at night. I wasn't driving. I could not close my door fully because something was blocking it. There were wolves outside the door. For some reason I was making a noise and pissing them off. They would growl every time I opened the door a little. They growled and I would try and close the door again. I realised there was a dear hoof stuck in the upper half of the door preventing me from closing the door.

I tried to push the hoof out from the door and for some reason I taunted the wolves with that strange noise and they proceeded to growl and attack the door. Well I woke up making that "wooo" sound real loud. It terrified my cats so they made a beeline out of bed like bats out of hell.

I sat up and said loudly; "Oh fuck, I am turning into my mum!” I then fell back to sleep.

17 April 2007

Tybee Island

Since the weather was so beautiful I decided to drive out to Tybee and go to the beach. Tybee Island is considered Savannah's beach, but Tybee is its own "city". The drive out is a pleasant one. You have to drive over several rivers and through the marsh islands to get to it.

The QuickTime video below is my first podcast, you could say. Anyhow I took the video using my digital still camera and I think the image came out rather well. I pieced the whole thing together with iMovie. It's cheesy, but it was fun.

Click here to get your own player.

The Tybee Island Light House

This picture was taken on north beach facing where the Savannah River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The jetty at one time was much taller. The sea has since caused the boulders to sink and cover them with sand. When I was in my late teens and early twenties I used to climb up them during tropical storms and stormy weather and hope for a big wave to take me away.

One day it nearly happened! I decided no, no I don't want a big wave to take me away and never did that again.

While standing on the rocks and looking out over the ocean you can see Daufuskie Island and just a hint of Hilton Head Island off in the distance.

When I was younger these boulders were fairly new, in that they were recently placed to form the jetty. Since then they have been covered in barnacles and seaweed. They have wonderful texture now.

On the way back into town I decided to stop along the road at one of the entrances to the old railroad tracks. The trains stopped running a very long time ago. In the 1980's the tracks were taken up and a trail was created for people to walk, run or ride bikes on.

At one time the train was the only way to get to Tybee. It must have been wonderful to travel on the train. As you can see from the photograph this narrow strip of land is all that separates your from the marsh on one side and the river on the other. What a view it must have been sitting high up zipping past the palm trees.

Marsh view near the train path.