29 September 2006

The Great Stench II

Well, it's a lovely morning. The temperature is 69F degrees and no humidity. I thought it would be nice to ride in the car with the windows down while running errands. For a brief moment it was rather nice.

There I am, a wonderful breeze, music is on, driving along and then it happened. The Great Stench strikes again!

Time to quickly roll up the windows, but it's too late. The rotten smell and I are trapped in the car.


JennyAndAmal said...

Interesting... we have lots in common... we came to Savannah in a 4x8 trailer, but we came from Vancouver BC up in Canada, and I too hate the stench.

Perhaps we'll see each other around, and we can sit like old men on a bench somewhere and complain about the stench.

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K-A said...

I can't believe y'all left beautiful Britisih Columbia to come here! Oh, Canada!

Welcome to the land of stench. Perhaps we will meet sometime. :)