13 November 2006


Autumn has finally settled here in Savannah. The majority of our trees don't drop their leaves or change colour, though there are a few varieties that do such as this Japanese maple. There are two wonderful specimens off of Melissa's patio.

The weather is currently pleasantly cool with no humidity.


Lewis said...

How very cool! We've been through the whole tree-changing-colors thing....in fact, I was just noticing today that the very last of the trees have the gold leaves still on them. It's been pouring rain! Never been to Savannah, but definitely hope to sometime.

Derek said...

I love Savannah! One of my favorite towns, I love Il Postichio Italian Restaurant there.

K-A said...

Hello Derek,
Yes, Il Posticcio is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by.

K-A said...


If you ever decide to visit Savannah the best time is in the spring and autumn. The summer is unbearable.

Thanks for visiting 401a!