20 December 2006


I am feeling blue this holiday season. It's a kind of funk I can't explain, but I am afflicted with it sometimes. I am just not in the mood for the holidays. It's unusual because Yule and Christmas is the best time of year, but not this time.

My mother is on her way here tomorrow and she is staying with me for NINE FRACKING DAYS! I know I may sound a bit harsh to say such a thing about my mum being here, but nine days? I think with how I feel it's too much, but I need to step back and realize she is 74 years old and time is precious.

Thank you to those who have sent me holiday cards and such. Y'all are so kind and I appreciate it very much. You are on top of things more then I am and I apologize.

Well, I'm off. I've got a tone of things to get done before tomorrow.


Robert said...

Even tho you're blue, you look fantastic in any colour! ehehe!

Nine days!!! But you're absolutely right. Time is precious. I'm glad you're spending the holidays with your mum! It's a treasure.

Snap some pictures together with your mum, okay? Take care and have a wonderful wintry holidays K-A. xoxo

Lewis said...

Oh my god, 9 days. I couldn't do it. Well, I could but I'd be every shade of blue by the time it was over. Definitely have to take pictures and make the most of it. So sorry to hear you're not feeling quite up to the season. But I definitely understand. Not all is always happy happy, is it? I'll be thinking about you and wishing you well.