30 June 2006

That's Everything

All done. Movers came and left. I brought the last of the items to storage this afternoon. Now it's time to spackle, paint and clean. Then bed.

26 June 2006

Sleepy Kitties

Nora-Grace and Tabitha have been testing the stacked boxes for napping quality.

25 June 2006

Crazy Night

I went over to Steve and Jim's last night. It was Jim's birthday party. There was great food and loud people, but it was a lot of fun. It was around 12:30 am and I was still there drinking, but I had switch to water an hour previous. I was the last one and getting ready to leave when the phone rang.

It was the neighbor, Jen. She told Jim the limousine had arrived and wanted us to hop in. I had no idea what was going on and we thought it would just be Jen and a friend or two going for one more spin before having to give it up.

Well, we get outside and the limo door opens. The damn thing is packed with screaming people. I about had a panic attack, but before I could I was pulled in and abducted, by some lady wearing a pink feathered boa and a pink cowgirl hat with a rhinestone tiara.

This thing was pimped out. It had fibre optic lighting that glowed at different speeds according to how fast the limo was moving. It was stocked full of alcohol and it had an incredible sound system, which they were playing, I think, I wee bit too loud. Then there was an LCD television mounted in the console. It was insane.

The only people I really knew were Steve and Jim and Jen whom I only met twice before. They were wild. At one point they were tossing things back and forth and I got hit in the eye with a half squeezed orange. I was pissed. I got citrus juice and pulp in my eye! Then I thought, how appropo. I was struck by a Florida orange.

The morons were going to continue to toss this orange around when I screamed; "give me the fucking orange!" and ripped it out of someone's hand and threw it out the window. That was that.

We ended up at McDonough’s, it was karaoke night. It was interesting to say the least. All I kept thinking is why did I leave my keys at Steve and Jim's. McDonough’s is only a few blocks from my house. Uhg! Eventually we left and we got back to Ardsley Park in one piece. Then everyone piles into Jen's house to continue the party.

I eventually made home by 3:00 am and I found a pink feather in my pocket.

24 June 2006

Endless, Endless, Endless

A friend of mine popped by to torment me. However, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am almost finished with the packing.

20 June 2006

Decision Made

Wow, so much time has passed since my last post. I have been busy packing and purging.

IT’S ENDLESS! I have actually been purging and boxing things for the Goodwill, but I still have plenty more that I am keeping.

It’s surprising how relaxed I am about not being employed. I am rather elated over being let go from SCAD. I was so unhappy. It was shear torture going to work every day and utterly boring. Couple that with the unprofessional behaviour of the so-called “professionals” it really made for a depressing environment.

The staff morale throughout campus is so low it’s amazing. In the department I worked alone the majority of individuals have a gripe. I also know of several individuals whom are looking for jobs elsewhere.

Now I am free. Free of the bonds that held me to that place for so long and I FEEL GREAT!

My friend Gloria came to visit me from Los Angeles. We had a good time. A wee bit too much because we gave ourselves a touch of alcohol poisoning. We were both out of it for two and half days. Oh well. Live and learn. I can say that won’t happen again. I think.

I have also been visiting with family and friends saying my goodbyes. I am going to escape the vortex of goo! You ask where I am going? Well, a decision has been made.

I am going to move to Florida. Yes, another bastion of right wing extremism. Anyhow, I am going home to stay with my mum for a while. Yes. Classic, I know. A 39-year-old gay man, unemployed and living with his mother. OH, and I was contacted by a former high school classmate via an email informing me that she is coordinating our 20-year reunion. GREAT! I feel like this is a script to a bad sitcom. Of course I won’t be attending. I have avoided all the others.

I decided not to pick up and settle down somewhere arbitrary and hope to find a job. It would end up being a waste of money. My mum is right. She said I should come home so I don’t have to pay rent, etc. She also offered to take care of Nora-Grace and Tabitha when I am off for interviews. A baby sitter! That’s a good thing.

So I must continue to pack away. The movers arrive on the 29 June and I escape the vortex on the 30 June.

05 June 2006

Packing Continues

Everywhere I turn I find something to pack. Nora-Grace was helping out too, but I got the wild hair to wrap her in bubble wrap and pack her away. Especially since I just discovered she has been gnawing on a corner of the armoire.

My cat thinks she is a dog. Grrrrr!