20 July 2006

Limbo / Purgatory

I think I am in a void of another kind. I am not sure what it is though. I can say, for certain I am in Limbo, perhaps purgatory even. I am not a Christian and I don’t subscribe to any religion in general. Dogma is not my way.

However I think limbo and purgatory is the same thing, more or less. Please take a look at the following picture. The photograph below is my mum’s home. It is where I am currently living.

Now take a look at this next photograph. It is right around the corner. Oh, wait. This is my mum’s house. Hmm no, it’s not. Take a look at the house block number.

Let me turn another corner. Oh, it’s my mum’s house again. NO! Take a look at the house block number.

AHHHHHH! I’m fracking lost!

You see, is this not apropo for being in limbo or purgatory? I mean everything is the fucking same! (notice I did not write fracking) This whole bloody area has no character.

So it’s clean, safe and quiet, but not necessarily good. Would that not be purgatory? I mean, it’s not heaven and it’s not hell. It’s just BORING!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're in purgatory...makes the vortex of goo almost look good - M

Emma Cabrera said...

Well, we are still working on your arrival here in lovely NC. So, do not give up hope. I may have a plan in the works!

gmoney said...

Yes, they are the same thing. But hey! you aren't in the VoRTeX.

stardust said...

Hello oooooo from the Other side of the vortex ! Houses here also look much the same ! Where are you now - Matin sounds very nice.....