21 September 2006

The Great Stench

It was a rather nice evening last night. The temperature dropped to 57F and so we opened the windows to enjoy the weather and get some fresh air.

Well I forgot how polluted Savannah air could be. Like clockwork The Great Stench creeped in poisoning our lungs and waking me from sleep. With my nostrils burning and eyes watering I stumbled out of bed and closed the windows.

You see Savannah suffers from paper mill production as well as a chemical industry, which also belches out noxious fumes into the air. Now I must add through the years complaints finally made these industries "clean up" a little, but it's still quite bad.

Savannah has some of the highest cancer rates on the East coast as well some of the most acute sinus infections. The sinus infections are blamed on the high pollen count by these industries. It's always blooming here, even during winter. However, if you add the paper mill and chemical companies it makes it so much worse.


Emma said...

Oh yes, the stench. I do not miss it all.

K-A said...

You're lucky to be free in the sweet air of North Carolina. Shmoo!