09 August 2006

Sweet Apple

I'm having computer issues. My poor old Cube is starting to fade. It has held out for six years, which is good considering the model, didn't last long when it was first introduced.

I think the logic board is going. I searched on the Internet for a replacement board, but their too expensive. I do have an extra logic board, but it's buried in storage back home in Savannah. I can buy a newer Mac which is faster for the same price or a little more then a replacement logic board and that's what I did.

This is a picture of my new, old G4 17" iMac. I've always wanted to own this model iMac. I just purchased it off eBay and I kept well within my budget. I'm so excited!

It's a big improvement on the Cube. Speed, hard drive and best of all a 17" screen. I like my current studio display, but at 15" it's a pain in the arse working in Photoshop.

Ah, sweet Appley goodness (sorry Homer). Have you had your Macintosh today? An Apple a day keeps the PC blues away!


Melissa said...

Congratulations, you have your own personal robot! Are you sure it's not alive?

K-A said...

Heh, heh. I did not get the iGo desk with it. Though I could have. I'm almost tempted to get the desk just because it's so cool. We shall see.

Emma said...

yay for sweet apple goodness!