30 March 2006

Tangerine Dream

I received my new old, vintage Tangerine iBook today. Oooo, luscious tangerine! Why you ask? I like vintage things.

I mean, just look at it. Don't you want to lick it? Mmmm. I am going to upgrade it with a 20gig hard drive, 256 memory, airport card and a new battery.

It's going to be my email and blogging machine on the go. AND it's tangerine, orange bright. Just like sunny California. ;)

I know. I need a boyfriend. Shut up!


Little Miss Nora-Grace
With The Beautiful Face
She Came From Outer Space
She Fell From The Sky
And Landed In My Eye

26 March 2006

Good Weekend

This is the face of contentment. I had a good weekend! I managed to get a few things done that I wanted to do for some time. I managed to bring several items to Goodwill. Including my old Apple Power Mac 8600. Yes, I finally parted with it and the old scanner. I did however; hold onto my Apple Laser Writer 4/600 PS. It's a perfectly good laser printer. Why not? I recently purchased the original Tangerine iBook that I hope to operate it on. Oh, I can't help it. What can I say, I like all things vintage.

The trip to Goodwill is the first of many. I am purging. I have too. There is change coming. A life change, really. It is very difficult for me to part with things. I am a Taurus. A triple Taurus even! Anyhow, the change has begun. I really cannot write about it now. It's just not a good idea at this point in time, but I will eventually.

Keith and Elvira came over for wine, cheese and fruit. We tried some new wine that was recommended by the package shop I frequent. One of my favourite wines is Bull's Blood, it's Hungarian. Very, light and mild. Anyway, I was told, in their opinion, the Torres Sangre de Toro was better then Bulls Blood. It's not. It has a bitter after taste, which I find to be unacceptable. After we finished that bottle we tried another they recommended. It is called Castano Monastrell. It is a very, very, very dark and heavy wine. It's not red. Oh, no. It is purple! AND it will knock you on your ass. Enough said.

Then to top it all out today was Champagne Sunday with Melissa M. We had a splendid time watching old movies, drinking champagne, eating fabulous food and virtually decorating her large house. Oh, did I tell you I am moving in with her in June?

21 March 2006


I was left a flyer in my mail slot last night. It is concerning the filming of a new ABC pilot drama on my street. It is called Hollis and Rae. It seems they are the new Gag Me and Lace Me. Oh wait that was a porn flick. I mean, the new Cagney and Lacey.

It is about two lifetime female best friends. Hollis is a prosecuting attorney, and Rae is a cop. Ho-hum.

Anyhow, I have been notified they will be filming on the street in front of my house. I am told locals will not be allowed to park around the area. As well they intend to have traffic control. Meaning I may not be able to return to my house for lunch or at the end of the day seeing that they will be filming from 7am - 7pm. How rude!

This sucks as I have been car sitting for a friend who is out of town on business. I will have to find parking quite a distance away for two cars. Grrrrrr!

15 March 2006

Women All Used Sperm From Donor No. 401

I guess I should be proud. I worked very hard at this. ;)

08 March 2006

Five Vermont Towns Vote to Impeach Bush

I love Vermont! You can always count on the people of the Green Mountains to tell it like it is. Not only is it a land of impeccable beauty, but common sense.

They aren't afraid of the morons in Washington, DC. Now, if only the rest of the country would follow their lead.

06 March 2006

Garden Bliss

This past Saturday I sanded, primed and then painted the outdoor table and chairs. They were in desperate need of attention. I also drilled a hole in the table so I could place the wonderful umbrella I got from World Market.

Next, I will begin to fill the pots with new plants, but that's another weekend.

01 March 2006


Look, it's the Rocky Horror Picture Show re-enacted by bunnies, in 30 seconds! Brought to you by Bun-O-Vision. Thank you dajoro for the link.

Tee, hee.