04 July 2006

Getting Settled

I have been unpacking and getting settled. Nora-Grace and Tabitha love my mum's porch. Oh, excuse me, Lanai. The cats love the lanai. (say it like Thurston Howell) They sit out there for hours and sun themselves. I think they are adjusting well.

My mother went to Seattle to visit with my sister. She will be gone for three weeks! TIME TO PARTY! Yes, let me call the ZERO number of people I know here.

I have updated some of the stuff on this website, but blogger is being weird. The changes have been made, but not all are showing up. I will have to check back later to see.

Thanks to all who have sent well wishes to me. I appreciate it. I am enjoying being away from the Vortex of Goo. Though in a way I do miss my home, but not enough to try and come back. Really, I can breathe here and I mean literally. I have also noticed Tabitha's eye allergies have cleared up a bit.

Well, I think I want to go for a spin on my scooter around the gated, sterile community. In Florida you don't have to wear a helmet. So, I am going to let the wind whip through what's left of my hair!

See ya'!

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