31 October 2005


Kate's got an article on the BBC! She's so wonderful.

28 October 2005

The Cats

Today was another vet visit for Nora-Grace. Her eye has healed and the doctor gave her the needed injections including the one for Feline Leukemia.

The doctor didn't give Nora another test for the virus as it is too soon. We need to wait another three months. However, I am under the assumption that Nora had a test and it was negative. So I am going to believe she doesn't have it. I think the doctor felt the same way since she gave her the inoculation.

I inquired about the cost for the spay operation and about died. It will cost $492.00 + other fees for the both of them! They asked if I wanted to go ahead and make the appointment. I said, no. I have to pay off the huge bill I currently have from the previous visits.

I'm just so relieved about Nora-Grace.

21 October 2005

I feel sick.

Quite frankly I feel like I am going to puke. After two hours at the vet, I found out Timothy is actually a girl. She is now known as Tabitha. Then I was told the most horrible news. Tabitha has feline leukemia and quite possibly she has given it to Nora-Grace. I thought Nora had been inoculated for it already, but I read the paper work wrong.

I believed I was doing the right thing by taking in a stray. All I have done is possibly given my baby a disease. I am so heart broken right now.

The vet bill was $448.44.


My boss actually let me leave yearly yesterday, but when I got home I could not find one of my cats, Nora-Grace. I looked everywhere and then I panicked. It turned out she was under the dresser, but because of her dark fur she blended in. I tried to get her out, but she hissed and growled at me. I noticed her right eye was half closed. I finally got her out, but she continued to wine, hiss and growl at me. I figured she might have a cold and my other cat; Timothy may have got her in the eye. I decided to leave her be for a while and went to cleaning.

My mother calls and tells me one of her tires blew out at 70 MPH and she is on the side of the road and does not know where she is. She called AAA, but they could not find her. Then Nora comes stumbling out of the bedroom, walking as if she was drunk. I panic. My mother is crying on the phone. I start to get upset. It was horrible!

After talking with my mother for a while we hung up. I called the Vet. and made an appointment for Thursday at 2:10. However, later in the day I was too nervous about Nora and decided to take in to the Vet right away. We sat there for about an hour and then they took a look at her. But first I was chastised by one of the attendants for bringing in a stray cat into my house. The reason being Nora hasn't had her feline leukemia injection yet. I was under the impression she had it, but I read the paper work incorrectly. She was only tested for it. The lady basically said Nora-Grace could have caught it from Timothy and there is no cure and could die.

So, this left me very nervous and depressed and kind of ticked off at the bitch behind the counter.

We spent a good hour with the Vet. They had to put an orange dye Nora's eye. This way they could see if she had a scratch, which she did not. They did a blood work-up. All is fine.

We had another Feline Leukemia test. She is negative, but she did have a slight fever. So at the end of it all we went home with eye drops. I have to put them in her eye twice a day, oh and I am not $145.00 more in debt. :(

We got home and I called my mum. She was back on the road 2 hours later with a new set of tires. Since it was getting late she decided to stay at a motel last night and will be getting back on the road shortly. I will be leaving work to day at noon, which is about the time she should be getting in.

Today I need to take Nora back for a check up. They wish to see if her fever has gone down and to check the eye again. If her fever is down I think they are going to give her all her injections. They have also asked for me to bring Timothy. They wish to check him over to see if he has anything that could have been transmitted to Nora-Grace. They will also give him his injections.

Goddess knows how much this is going to cost! The good news on this subject is my mother is going to pay for yesterdays visit!

20 October 2005

Freaking Out

I'm freaking out! As I write this my mother is on her way to Savannah. She is evacuating from the path of Wilma. Please don't get me wrong. I love my mum to death, but my house is a wreck.

I've got unfinished projects. Paint cans everywhere. My Ex still has some of his furniture in my house. I've got boxes for Goodwill here and there. It's a bloody mess! Here I sit at work... thinking of all that needs to be done. I requested a half day today, but have not heard from my boss yet.

I'll be surprised if he will say yes.

17 October 2005

Perfect Weather

It was perfect weather this past weekend. I could finally breath in Savannah! I catalogued some of my library on LibraryThing and did some house cleaning. On Saturday I actually managed to open one of my windows in the sitting room! It filled me with joy because previously I could only open two windows in the back of the apartment.

The window that I managed to open dates to 1856, but it opened rather easily with the help of a putty knife and hammer. Opening it was like the lifting of a seal on an ancient tomb. I swear there was a vacuum sound as the seal parted and the fresh air entered for the first time since 1856! It is my hope to get at least one window open in the long room and then my life shall be compete.

The highlight of the weekend was Champagne Sunday with Melissa M. We paced ourselves better this time and had a wonderful brunch. Of course we had cupcakes.

I had to close the windows last night because of the dreaded Savannah stench started creeping in. It's disgusting we citizens have to put up with that rancid, putrid stench from Hell! It burns your eyes and throats and all run to seek shelter behind closed doors. No wonder why most of the homes and apartments around here have painted windows. It's extra protection from the evil stench.

It's Monday. It's time to go to work. My job is about as exciting as watching drying paint.

14 October 2005

Butt Paste

WTF? I was strolling along in Toys R Us and came across this. I had to take a picture with my camera phone so you too could experience my WTF moment.

12 October 2005

Kate Bush

A few days ago I stopped by the Manly Table and learned from Garrett that Kate Bush is coming out with a new album. He made my day. The single, "King of the Mountain" debuts on the 24 October. The full release of the album "Aerial" is on the 7 November.

On Tuesday night I opened a bottle of wine and I pulled out my Kate Bush LP's (yes, LP's) and listen to them until 1AM. Ah, it was fabulous. I am very excited about her new work.

Smurfs 'bombed' in UN Ad campaign

Wow! What is the world coming to? I am a big supporter of the United Nations, but this advert. I mean, I think it's kind of funny. Though, I know it concerns a serious subject. Should I feel bad for snickering?

10 October 2005

Internet Panhandling

Okay y'all, I have created a website devoted to receiving donations for my cats. It is called Help My Cats and it's for their medical needs.

Since I am single again my funds have dried up.
Desperate times calls for desperate measures. I will be working out an arrangement with our veterinarian so I may get on a payment plan, but every little bit helps which is why I came up with this idea. I'd rather not owe a lot and have it hanging over my head.

I don't like the idea of panhandling so I am not going to write about this anymore. If you wish to know more please visit the site.

07 October 2005

Pay Rise

I received a letter today from the place of my employment detailing my annual wage increase. I am now 45 cents richer in my hourly wage. I can now afford that extra package of tofu. Woo, hooey!

Bush: God Told Me To Invade Iraq

WTHF! Okay, It is my opinion this pathetic human being has gone to far. As a pagan I believe in reincarnation. This person definitely is the soul of a Crusader and is extremely dangerous. Impeach him NOW!!!

I've Gone Insane

I've gone insane! I had to delete my entire blog and recreated it directly on Blogger which means I had to retype all my previous posts.

I originally created it so my IP could host it, but it was more trouble then it was worth.

Endless problems! Grrrrrrrrrr!

04 October 2005

Corpse Bride

Melissa H. and I went to see Corpse Bride this evening. I liked it, but I think MH was a little disappointed. I had heard many people were going to see it with Nightmare Before Christmas in their minds. Corpse Bride was lacking the dark humor that only an adult would understand. It did have its moments.

Before we went to see the movie MH and I had dinner and margaritas at Jalapenos. It was rather good and it was free! Thank you MH.

I feel as if it should be Friday, but alas it is only Monday. Oh hell, four more days to go.

03 October 2005

Attitude Improvement

It's Monday morning. I have so much stuff to do. ... and I don't want to do it! I'm so over it all. I need an attitude improvement.

02 October 2005

Champagne Sunday

I went to my friend Melissa’s house today and had champagne brunch. I brought the usual cupcakes, but this time they were absolutely horrible. Yes, it’s true, a bad cupcake. I guess the tie-died icing should have been a hint, but it was all I could find.

They were so intense. The sugar was like nothing I ever had and they turned our lips different colours. Then the flavour turned sour after a few seconds in your mouth. It was truly disgusting. The champagne on the other hand was fabulous as usual as was the company.

( Mental note: Do not by cupcakes from Crack Kroger ever again!)

After being home for a while I decided to hang the curtain rods, sheers and draperies in the freshly painted dining room. I did pretty well considering all the champagne.

Ugh, Monday is quickly approaching.

01 October 2005

Painting Completed

I finally got the long room finished. The trim is bright white and the walls are painted "Pollen Grains" (Behr Paint).

The room is called the long room because it's long and narrow. It used to be the outside space, below the veranda. The space was enclosed in 1904, which created a long and narrow room. It gives the garden apartment much more space and light.

Now I need the enthusiasm to paint the hall, bath and kitchen. However I think I will wait awhile.