31 December 2005


Last night after a long iChat with my friend Emma I got the wild hair to go out to Club None (aka: Club One). Well, let's just say, same old, same old and disgusting people.

So there I was and this not too attractive man walks up to me and said; "I'd really like to plough your hole". My jaw dropped and I just stared at him for a moment and said; "Oh, that's attractive, real romantic". I then walked away and this moron yells out as loud as he could; "I SAID NOTHING ABOUT ROMANCE, I JUST WANT TO FUCK THE HELL OUT OF YOU!"

I proceeded quickly to the nearest exit and headed home in disgust. I didn't even get to finish my drink. I'm certain the moron finished it for me. He obviously had plenty already.

You know I don't go out much anymore. Now I know why. What happened to common decency? Did he really think such a line would make me say; "Oh yes, do me?" NOT! What a bloody moron!

I have been drinking DeTox tea all morning. :(


Robert said...

'...plough your hole'" God that sounds like something that I would say! :-) Sorry to hear such a thing happened to you... It's disgusting alright, and as if he could get it up!

I hope you have a better day today. Tomorrow is another day/year, wish for something good! :-) Have a safe one K-A!! xoxo

Emma Cabrera said...

what on earth were you thinkin' going out to Club None without your trusty sidekick, i.e, me? You should come and visit me and I'll take you to Legends, where there's a nicer class of drunks. :-D