01 January 2006

New Years Eve

My new year's eve wasn’t at all too exciting. Actually, not at all. I decided to stay in and rent some movies. I rented The Brothers Grimm, Revenge of the Sith and War of the Worlds. All which I did not get to see in the theatre.

After the video store I decided to stop at Fresh Market and use my $20 gift card my Ex gave me. I was so bad. I purchase a slice of Empire State Chocolate Cake. While I was there a rather cute man caught my eye. Then every aisle I went down, their he was.

I thought to myself; "Am I cruising or is he?" Then I thought; "Oh my goddess, I'm cruising in a grocery store!" Mind you, it's an upscale grocery store, but a grocery store nonetheless. So I thought myself, "Okay, why not?" Eventually I was at the check out line and the cute guy was in the line next to me being checked out. No pun intended. I thought to myself; "Okay, perhaps we could flirt or glance or just meet outside the store and decide to go home together." ;)

Well my friends, it wasn't meant to be. Oh, noooooooooooooo! The fates had another twist for me. You see, in front of me was an overly pregnant woman with an overly active babe in her arms. The attendant was busily scanning her items and the pregnant woman was fussing with her purse. After her items were all scanned she, the woman realised she forgot her wallet.

Oh, but she did have single cheque (check) upon her, but it could not be accepted with out ID. So what to do? She whipped out her trusty razor mobile phone and tried to reach her husband. After several tries at three different numbers, no luck.

She looked at me and said; "Oh, thank you for being patient. I left the house without my wallet and am trying to track down my husband so he can pay with his credit card over the phone." I just smiled and said; "Of course."

Miss Pregnant mother with over anxious babe in arms eventually telephone her mum and told her the situation and asked for her credit card number so she could pay for the groceries. Her mother had to give her credit card information three times because she could not get the numbers correctly. SO, after 20 minutes I was finally paid for what I wanted to purchase and was out of the store, but there was no cute man to be found. :(

At midnight (my time) my friend Gloria telephoned from LA. Gloria wished me a happy new year. I told her it felt no different then a year ago. Anyhow I stepped outside so we could hear better the fireworks from the river. They were extra loud and echoing through out the historic district. It was rather loud. I guess that's what it must have been like when the Yankees were invading. Heh, heh.

As well as the fire works we were treated to gun fire. The morons around here shoot their shotguns and semi automatics into the air upon the New Year. I don't think they understand physics. I am not surprised as Georgia has one of the worst education systems in the Union.

Who knows what this New Year holds for me, but I tell you this. I need change and this year will be it.

Happy New Year, y'all!

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Emma Cabrera said...

Happy New Year to shmoo! This will be the year that you permanently escape the vortex, I can tell.