08 December 2005


I stayed at home today due to a head cold. I have taken some rather potent meds and now I am out of it. Oh, well.

I have come to the conclusion that I will be canceling my cable. This means no Internet at home anymore.

Truly Comcast sucks. The cable modem is not all that faster then DSL. In fact when I did have BellSouth DSL a few years ago I never had a problem with it. It never went down and was rather fast. I have had nothing but problems with Comcast. Also it's too damned expensive. Before I reduced my cable television to basic service my entire bill was right under $100. and there was rarely anything on.

I don't watch too much television so I don't miss it. Well, I must admit I do miss the Sci-Fi channel, but I can go over to my friend Betsy's for our Sci-Fi Fridays. Now, as for the Internet I am practically on it all day at work. When I come home sometimes I just don't want to turn the computer on. Sure I will miss iTunes music store or that instant gratification when I want to find out about something, but I can always take the PowerBook to the library or a friends house and do what I need to do.

So yes, I am disconnecting from the mediocrity or at least at home I am. I will also have an extra $54.39 a month.

So long Comcrap!


Robert said...

I've never had cable TV in my life. I hear about all the shows from friends anyway, and I can always rent DVDs like SITC!

K-A said...

I resisted having cable up to about 2002. I have had a love hate relationship with it ever since. Anyhow, you are right I can rent DVDs ... like, SITC. :)