07 December 2005

Happy Birthday Grandmama!

If my grandmother were alive today she would be 100 years old. She was born the 7th of December 1905, the day of infamy, but before it was infamous. She was always there for comfort and direction. In her life she was a flapper, world traveler and a brilliant Norwegian soul. I miss her.

Glad fødselsdag bestemor. Jeg mangler De og jeg elsker De meget mye!


Emma Cabrera said...

She was quite a beauty.

K-A said...

Emma Shmoo,

I love you!

DEREK said...

she was beautiful! I just love old vintage photograph's, I have my share of them as well.

K-A said...


Thank you. She was beautiful. I too have a bunch of old photos. I have been working on scanning them into the computer. Busy, busy.