24 December 2005

Goatee Me

Heh, heh. I found this picture from a couple years ago on my mums iBook while I was updating her OS. I forgot about my goatee days.

Last night to escape the insanity I drank plenty of merlot and listened to Opera Babes. I worked on "home work" because I'm little behind with my paperwork at work so I brought it with me. Meanwhile me mum watched Fox news and complained there was nothing but rubbish on the television. Though she continued to flip through the channels, watch a bit and then complain and flip to another station.

Perhaps later I shall go for a walk on the beach. The Gulf water is so calming.


Robert said...

How cute is that? *THAT would be very* Hope you got to walk on the beach a bit, being calm is a blessing!

Take care KA, and Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones!

Emma Cabrera said...

I remember goatee you! muwahaaa1

Derek said...

checking back enjoying your blog a bunch, like the goatee!

K-A said...

Thank you, sir!