12 December 2005

Quiet, I'm recovering!

I went to work this morning. I still feel like crap and my voice has not returned. I was told to go home. So I decided to leave at lunch and not return.

When I got home, well the above picture shows you what I came home to. Stone workers have come to replace stucco on the house. So they are out there hammering and drilling away to their hearts content. TOO MUCH NOISE! The cats are in terror and I have a headache.

Looking at the wall it doesn't look as if it's in good condition. The brick needs pointing. I think that is what you call it. This section of the house used to be the veranda. It was closed up in 1904 to make two rooms, one above in the actual veranda and one below.

I'm below. I use this "veranda" room as my dining space and computer area. The space is divided by an armoire and it works out rather well. The rest of the house dates 1856.

I love it. The doorways are 14" deep and it has a splendid mantle. Oh hell, ... the hammering has started again. It's time to retreat to the sitting room.

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