07 December 2005


One of my cats, Tabitha has gone into heat. Oh, what joy! I was hoping to avoid this, but I have not been able to afford the spay operation. I am still paying on a $492 vet bill.

However in light of things, I think now I will go ahead and take Nora-Grace in since she is seven months old. I would much rather have them both done at the same time, but it will be more cost effective one at a time.

It’s such a joy to hear Tabitha howling all night long while I am trying to sleep. This is something, which I have not been able to do well since Monday. It seems at night she becomes extremely “bothered”. She jumps on to all of the windowsills and scratches on the windows and runs around knocking over whatever she may.

Poor little Nora-Grace looks at her in terror. She must be thinking WTF is wrong with her. Oh, little does she know she may face the same situation. I dread the thought.

Now, I am developing a cold.

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