10 December 2005

I'm sick and it's cold!

This apartment does not heat evenly. It's cold in the veranda room where the computers are located. I am bundled up in a sweater and I have my silly cap on. I don't care. It keeps me head warm from the cold. My cat Nora-Grace is atop the armoire and is ready to leap at me. This explains the look on my face in this picture.

My voice went. Where? I do not know. My mum called and all I could do is grunt at her. "What's wrong with you?” she said. I managed to say; "Me, no voice, you check email". Then I hung up.

Today I went over to my friend Melissa's house. She had a whole bunch of people over doing various tasks. She purchased the house three months ago and hired a painter. Well, the painter didn't workout. He and his crew basically ruined everything.

I was feeling better earlier. So I thought I would lend a hand. I don't think that wasn't such a great idea. I feel worse. At least I got out of the house. I have been indoors since last Thursday!

I received a phone call this evening from my dearest friend Gloria. She moved to Los Angeles last May and loves it. She called to see if I thought she was lame. Now, I answered the phone in the best possible voice I could muster and I said; "No, you are not lame." She said someone had told her she was lame for not going out every weekend. I told her such a thing is ridiculous.

So Gloria was told if you live in LA you need to go out every weekend or you are considered lame. What errant nonsense.

Now Gloria being a Leo then asked me what was wrong with my voice. Those Leo's, it's all about them. ;)

We talked a little more about things going on in her life and what’s not going on in my life. She thinks I should move to LA. I think I’d probably die, but then again the one place I have never thought of might actually be a place I end up loving. I do love California (Northern). I shall plan a visit for next year.

Well, I guess I shall go shred some paperwork. My life is so exciting.


Robert said...

I'm a Leo and I'm in LA, too... and schitt, I don't go out either.. hmm... Not goint out isn't lame at all I think, you get tired of the scene in no time [not that I know what the scene is like!]...

I wonder if you would like Los Angeles, hmm.. Anyway, I hope you feel better KA. Bundle-lup, bundle-lup, bundle-lup for warmth! :-)

K-A said...

Hello Robert,

You're a Leo, eh? Hmmm. Heh, heh. I think you are right after awhile it's the same scene. Some people never tire of it. I know I do or did .. whatever.

I don't know if I would like LA. We shall see. I will plan a visit with my friend Gloria and see how it feels. All I know is I need a change.

Thanks for the input.