23 December 2005


Well, I'm in Florida. I made it. The drive from Hell wasn't too bad. It's odd being in "Bush" country again. People here frighten me.

Right now as I type this entry a photograph of George and Laura Bush are staring down at me. Yes, my mum is a right wing, fundalmentalist nutjob. This is only because George likes to use the word god in his speeches. So naturally, if he speaks of god then he is a good person. Oh, that and god sent him to straighten out America and the world to prepare us for the lords return. Something like that.

I have not seen one "W" decal with a circle and slash through it besides my own. I am an outcast in a sea of morons.

I am here for her so I shall try and bite my tongue, but it will be difficult. I mean, last night she mentioned she sent Bill O'reilly an email stating how much she enjoys his program.

Mercy me, four more days to go.


Emma Cabrera said...

I'm so sorry that you're lost in the land of loonies. I just spent the past weekend with my grandparents, so I know what you're going through.

Robert said...

I hope you're enjoying your time with mommy. So, did you take her to see Chronicles of Narnia yet ? :-)