16 December 2005

Savannah Drivers Suck

Savannah drivers suck. This is a town where the use of your directional signal is optional. The police don't even use a directional signal.

It is state law to yield to pedestrians in a cross walk, most do not. My Ex was hit by a car earlier today crossing Bull Street. A nouveau riche bitch driving a huge ass SUV slammed into him. He was in the middle of the crosswalk for christ's sake.

He has been X-rayed and thankfully shows no signs of broken bones, but he is heavily bruised and extremely sore.

This area of Georgia is extremely lax on driving regulations. I guess in a town that values Monster Trucks more then retaining its symphony says it all.

I was in a car accident this summer past. I was rear-ended by some tourists from Ohio. They were an older couple and felt very bad about it. Anyhow in talking with them the woman told me she was downtown earlier and stepped into a crosswalk and a police cruiser came real close to hitting her.

The officer jumped out and yelled at her (real professional) saying she needs to be more careful. He added that in the State of Georgia pedestrians do not have the right of way. Obviously this officer is a moron. Georgia law states you must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. We don't have those signs at intersections downtown because they don't want to obstruct the historic ambiance. If you drive out Southside (anywhere USA) where you have the strip malls and endless wide roads and suburbs then you will see the signs clearly.

Another example of the absurdity in my state brings to mind an incident I had once when visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles. I was in a line to receive my new drivers license. There was woman in front of me wearing a horrible jump suit with bathroom slippers and her hair in curlers. When she was asked for her left index finger she raised her right hand. The attendant said no you’re left index finger. The lady put out her left thumb. Eventually the attendant took this lady by the hand and pointed which fingers to use and pressed them down onto the inkpad for her.

This woman walked out with a driver’s license shortly there after and is loose on the roads.


Robert said...

Dear me, so sorry to hear about your ex. I'm glad that he's okay tho. Whew! Stoopid SUV driver!

Yay, it's the weekend! :-)

K-A said...

Yes, these people suck!

AND yes, it's the weekend and I have my voice back!


Anonymous said...

sniff sniff... do I smell a lawsuit?

I really hope he's ok AND calls an attourney.