22 August 2007

Unexpectedly Busy

Business is rolling along. My biggest client is taking up a fair amount of my time though. As stated once before this client is a builder. I have a contract with them to decorate their model home. The only problem is it's taking a very long time to complete construction on the model. There have been some "issues" which I really can't write about, but needless to say it's holding everything up. In the mean time I don't get paid for the contract.

Things aren't too bad though because in the interim they had hired me in as a part-time "designer" for their spec houses and some design related office work. I am learning a lot and there has been so much to do that it's becoming more then part-time. So all in all it's working out.

Currently I am designing a new website for my business because the current one is rather boring and uninformative. I originally threw the damn thing together rather quickly so I would have something out there, but it's time for something more professional.

On top of all this I am working on getting together a new portfolio. Some of you know this from conversation, but for you that don't I have decided to return to graduate school to finish my master’s degree. It's been a very long time since I originally began my masters and quit in disillusionment. Now I am returning to classes at age 40 and I think I finally have my head on straight, figuratively speaking that is.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Painting and a minor in Art History, Graphic Design and Photography. Yes, that many minors. I took 10 years to get my bachelors!

Do I paint anymore? No. Do I dabble in graphic design? Not really, but perhaps a little web design is related to that. Do I still photograph? Sure I do, but not in the manner I was trained.

What career do I have? I'm an Interior Decorator. Yes, I know ... how gay. I finally embraced what I enjoy doing and have enjoyed for most of my life. Many, many moons ago I almost went for a degree in Interior Design, but I decided against it for what I perceived as too linear and ridged a degree for such a free flowing individual, such as myself. ;) I am more concerned with the decorating aspects then the drafting. You see I really don't like drawing straight lines. I always looked at Interior Design as "Architecture Light", but I have decided to bite the bullet and return to graduate school for my masters in Interior Design.

I have to make certain this new portfolio is brilliant because I would like to avoid as many prerequisite classes as possible. Since my bachelors degree is in a completely unrelated field I need to show I understand the basics in Interior Design such as elevations, electrical drawings, terminology and the like.

I think I will be okay. My business is related and I have a certain process I go through in every project, which is similar to that of an Interior Designer. I have a tremendous amount of resources at my fingertips via the builder I work with. They are excited for me and said they would help me out. So why not? In the end I'll be able to expand my business.

So here I am unexpectedly busy!

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Lewis said...

Oh my gosh, you do sound busy. I'd go crazy if things weren't layed out a little more consistently for me. Good luck on the school.......your drive and energy is definitely inspiring.