30 August 2007

People! (part 3)

Yet again my theory that people suck has been reinforced. I was just sitting in traffic on DeRenne Avenue on my return from North Jacksonville, aka Southside Savannah. I'm minding my own business waiting patiently for the light to turn green when out of nowhere three young heathens hurl a large cup of coffee at my car from the side of the road!

As I was reaching for my gun to shoot them they ran off. Bastards!


Lewis said...

Cream and sugar?

K-A said...

YES, Grrrrr!

Robert said...

I see that 'morons' is one of the categories, I would've filed it 'asslick' or 'fuckturd'. Whichever!

This really would've burned my chaps. Sorry to hear that K-A! :-( *big hugs*