19 August 2007

A Good Weekend

The above image of Jeremy pretty much sums up this weekend. It was a good time had by all! I am finally over the funk and thank you everyone for the kind words of support during the past week and a half.

We went to Lu Lu's Chocolate bar and met up with friends. I was feeling so good I ended up having three chocolate martinis!

Afterwards we went to Venus De Milo for a change of atmosphere where I had another martini. Then we decided to head over to Club One where for some reason I had a gin and tonic. Then we got a wild hair and decided to drive out to Tybee Island.

On the way there we stopped at the Huddle House on Whitemarsh Island and consumed mass quantities of food. I don't normally frequent such places because it's not the most vegetarian friendly environment, but I was happy to get something in my stomach.

Then we headed to Tybee. We pulled into North beach and found a wonderful spot to sit and watched the ships that were lined up to enter the Savannah River. The stars were really beautiful too and we got to see several shooting stars. We spent a fair amount of time talking and just having a really good time.

I eventually crawled into bed at 5:15 AM!


Lewis said...

5:15am? Oh my gosh. I thought there was an underage curfew? Yeah! Another (partial here) vegetarian!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah man, you're right – it was good fun with good people. Miss Maria has spoken as highly of you as you have of her. I think we might have a team.

There are three of us in the team, and you had three martinis, and there were three stops, and I think that's incredible.

_ Jeremy

thombeau said...

Whoa---you've been partying like...a young person!!!

K-A said...


Underage, hah! You now need to take the life changing step to full vegetarian. :)

K-A said...


Team powers activate! Hey, we should pull together a show of three. We can do three images or three things, by three people. We can call it, the Power of Three. ;)

K-A said...


Really! How rude. ;)

Anonymous said...

YA! Good for You. 50 Helen s agree. Go out and have Fun! What else happened at Tybee, I hear it is like Vegas in the sand!

Robert said...

Ahaha, Jeremy looks so funny n' cute in that picture!! I love it!!

5.15am? That's the time I wake up during the week! doh!

K-A said...

JRT? Hmm, would this be Jim?

Yes, one can't go wrong when backed up by 50 Helen's ... that all agree on something!

Vegas in the sand? I am not sure I understand that one, but if it's you then I am afraid to know. ;)

K-A said...


Yes, he is cute and funny, but alas ... straight. Yes, it is true and sad.

You get up at 5:15 AM? Yikes! That's insane and inhuman. ;)