26 August 2007

Suckety, Suck, Suck!

I'm in a mood! It looks as if I may not be able to go back to graduate school. Apparently I can't get all the funding I need. I have to try another option now, but I am not sure I'll get it. Perhaps I should consider a State school, but this means I'll have to go for an MFA. I want an MA because it will only take a year to complete and it's less money.

I guess I could look at UGA again, but if I go there I'll have to move to Athens and I would have to move my business too. I have many contacts here, which has been great for business. I would have to start all over again. Ugh!



Lewis said...

Don't you just hate going down a perfectly good and acceptable road and then.......A FORK in it!

K-A said...

Grrrrr. No, no. I am a blade of grass. I bend with the wind.

I keep telling myself this.