28 August 2007

People! (part 2)

Last night after several cups of Chamomile mint and Kava tea I finally chilled out from the day’s events. I got to thinking that people really SUCK! Yes, it is true.

It dawned on me that not one person stopped to see if we were all right from the accident! It was a three-car pile-up and there were plenty of witnesses, but they all pulled out from behind us and drove off. How rude and if I dare say, illegal. The idea that the South is full of polite people is just as myth. We can be just as inconsiderate, rude and selfish as any Yankee or anyone from anywhere else for that matter.

After the accident we pulled our cars off the road into a car dealership parking lot. This process took a little time because people were being inconsiderate and would not let us move our cars to free up the road. They kept driving on by gawking. Once we got into the parking lot the owner came out and asked if everyone was okay and mentioned he called the police. I thought this was nice. At least someone cared, but then he tried to sell us new cars! I'm totally serious.

A half hour later the Thunderbolt police arrived with sirens blaring. A half hour later! The officer jumps out of his cruiser and says; "Is everyone alright?" We all looked at him in disbelief. I said to someone if there were injuries we would be dead by now. It took a half hour for them to arrive because the two police stations were arguing over who had the jurisdiction. Savannah or Thunderbolt?

The dealership address states it's in Thunderbolt. Duh!


The Other Andrew said...

That does really suck that nobody stopped! I was in a head-on accident about 3-4 years ago, fractured my collarbone and cracked my sternum, and still remember the kindness of the people who came to our aid. People can be nice, but not always when you need them, it seems.

jason said...

Chivalry is dead, I suppose...even in the deep South. Sad.

But I'm glad you're all right...no thanks to the police.

K-A said...

The Other Andrew,

Ouch! I hope you have recovered well since then. Yes, sometimes people can be nice, but I was totally shocked at how people reacted in this accident.

K-A said...


Thanks for the kind words. :)

Anonymous said...

Even though someone did arrive, you still condemn them. Did they arrive casually, seemingly upset that there was an argument over jurisdiction, or did have concern?

Ever look at the times the police were dispatched, or just simply cast a stone because you were upset? CAD records are available under the Open Records Act.

Call the MPC, you'll find out that the roadway is Metro responsibility, and the car dealership is Thunderbolt's. It has been that way for YEARS.

Who showed up first though?

I think you would have condemned ANYONE who showed up because you were angry to start with.