13 August 2007

Summer Funk

I haven’t been in a mood to post much lately because I have the summer funk. It’s some kind of flu. I have never been in sick during the summer months before. People have said to me that being sick in summer is the worst. It seems to last longer. Currently I am inclined to believe such statements because I just can’t seem to get better.

I think I am starting to heal though because it seems to have left my lymph glands and throat and has moved to my head. However I developed a horrible cough at night. Last night I woke up out of a deep sleep because I started to cough. I had to sit up in order to get some air. The coughing would not stop and I thought I was going to cough out a lung!

Then I continued to cough on and off for the rest of the evening. It was awful.

I think it’s my own fault though. You see two weeks ago I decided to go out and live a little. Several of my friends have this misguided view that I am uptight because I don’t sleep around. When I explain to them that I have tried it and it’s just not me they still insist I am uptight.

Anyhow it had been over a year since my last sexual encounter so I decided that perhaps it’s time for me to “live” a little.

The outcome? Well, I did meet someone and went home with him. NOW I’M SICK!

Whenever I “live” a little I end up getting sick. This is one of the reasons I don’t do it often. It’s like the gods have something against me. They’re fine as long as I don’t enjoy myself. If I enjoy myself too much they send out the fates to get me.

I have had some crazy things happen to me for having random sex. I am not going to post about it because it’s embarrassing. Thankfully it has not been life threatening or require ongoing treatment. I am clean, healthy and strong, but it’s been enough for me to consider becoming a Buddhist monk or at least retreat back into my shell, which I find more comfortable, then a messy one-night stand.

I think I am good for another year. Well, of course if I were to find the right mate then I will reconsider, but I am not keeping my fingers crossed. I mean I do live in the Vortex of Goo.


thombeau said...

The Vortex of Goo???

K-A said...

Yes, the vortex of goo. That is Savannah and the Coastal Empire area.

The Other Andrew said...

Oh my god sweetpea, you're breaking my heart. You don't need less sex, you need more! One bad apple doesn't ruin the whole barrel. (However, it's best to stop before you scrape the bottom of said barrel.)

Maybe you just need to spread your efforts out, so to speak, so that it's less of a shock to the system. :)

PS. I hope your feeling better soon!

Homer said...

I'd like to see scientific proof that you getting laid caused you to get a cold. Of course, I am a scientist...

K-A said...

The Other Andrew,

Spread my efforts? Hmmm. Well, I am not sure how I should go about that.

Thanks for dropping by! :)

K-A said...


I am open to any scientific research you may have in mind. ;)

Lewis said...

Isn't it weird how we consider winter the season to be sick, in a funk, tired, blah blah blah. And then, out of nowhere it happens in the middle of summer. Catches us off guard. I mean, summer is supposed to be the happy season! Full of grins, smiles, happy times and people, and no sickness. Oh well. Goes to show you what we know. I'm thinking of you. Only a season, a cycle....it'll be over sometime soon.

jason said...

Have you tried a little
hair of the dog?
Wait, maybe that's not the best metaphor, all things considered, is it?

In any regard, hope you're feeling better soon.

K-A said...

Lewis, thank you. :)

K-A said...


Heh, heh. I don't think that would be a good idea, but thanks for dropping by.

Emma said...

Actually, I sent the Ick to you, since you won't come and visit me.


K-A said...

Emma dah-link,

No you did not! You really, didn't. I know all. You know I love you. I will be there someday before the end of the year. I promise!

Robert said...

Y'know I was gonna say something nasty, but decided not to! ehehe! You're not uptight at all, I think it's good virtue. It's not you've never had a one-nighter! You tried it and it's just not for you!! Tight, but not uptight! DOH! Couldn't help it! *dodges rocks*

K-A said...