28 January 2007

Disturbing Information

I only just found out that Iams pet food is evil. Apparently Iams participates in horrid animal testing! This Iams thing past me by and I just purchased another 14 lb. bag the other day.

One of my clients informed me of this fact and has suggested I switch to Science Diet. She even gave me a huge bag of the weight management and hairball remedy to start Nora-Grace and Tabitha on. Since I have a bag of Iams already I guess I'll mix the food together so they may get used to the new food.

You know when I was younger I was involved heavily wit PETA, Save America's Forests and Amnesty. Then some how I got old and stuck my head in the sand!

The fact there are still companies like Procter & Gamble (Iams) and L'Oreal that test on animals is revolting. These tests can be done in Petri dishes with human skin cells with more accurate results.

If you are interested in knowing more about Iams and P&G animal testing, click here.


Robert said...

Clan of Xymox. Omg, I absolutely love their first CD [from 4AD]. A Day and Strangers, I used to have the 12". Oh boy, but now they're available on the CD as well.

I not much of a fan with their new stuff tho. You? :-) I have a friend who loveslovesloves VNV Nation! aha!

K-A said...

Oh yeah, their early years were brilliant. I do like some of what they do now, but I will always remember the beginning with fond memories.

I love me some VNV Nation!