25 January 2007

Good Friends

Yesterday I got to spend time with my good friends Leslie and her daughter Dominique. I haven't seen either of them in a very long time. Leslie now lives in the Netherlands and is visiting her family here in Savannah and Athens.

Leslie wishes for me to visit her in Holland soon, but until this business of mine picks up I'm not going anywhere. Perhaps someday I will be able to. I would love to spend quality time with her. As well I would like to visit my family in Britain, Germany and Norway.

In other news apparently spring has arrived. The azaleas in the back garden are starting to bloom!

Leslie and moi.

Leslie and Dominique

Spring has sprung!


Lewis said...

Spring? Already? You're kidding. I mean, it's a beautiful day here..but not spring yet. We're off on our cruise today...see today's posting. So happy for you to be able to see your good friends. And keep my fingers crossed for your visit to Europe someday.

K-A said...

We generally have mild winters, but this season has been more then mild. It’s been down right warm. I noticed yesterday on the road outside where I live the azaleas that line the road are blooming and many trees are starting to bud.

However, we are finally having a cold snap and looks like all week it will be cool. Hopefully this will slow down the blooming so the plants get back on track.

I hope you have a safe journey on your cruise.