17 January 2007

Cooling Down

Now it's cold. It's 50F and going down to 41F tonight. Up, down, up, down, up, down.


Robert said...

For some reasons I find myself a little hot n' bothered by your post!! Oright, it's the UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN part. *pant* *pant*

Anyway, so how are you doing these days Kevin-Andrew? Hope great opportunities come to you this brand new year!


K-A said...

Hah, hah. You're sick! ;) Things are well. I have been busy with the business. Other then that not much else going on. Thanks for asking.

Lewis said...

I can't believe you're complaining about up down, up down. Looks like Robert is on my same wave!

K-A said...

Oh, my goddess! You too? Y'all are crazy.