13 January 2007

Too Warm

It's too warm today. At one point I had to turn my A/C on while out running errands. Also while I was working at a client’s house it became too warm inside, but I wasn't about to turn on the A/C. It wouldn't be proper. They are also the type of individuals who don't open the blinds at all so I was nervous about opening a window.

Can you imagine not opening your blinds during the day? I mean, if you were home sick perhaps then I would understand, but never opening them at all ever. It's too weird for me. I like light and this is coming from someone who wears a lot of black and is gothic in nature, but it's true. I love to have light flood my house.

Anyhow A/C in January (in the northern hemisphere)? That's even weirder.


Lewis said...

I'm with you! Windows and blinds open. And, hey, if the AC is necessary, go for it. Here? 7 degrees this morning. Not much of a call for AC. Just open the door, you'll cool right down. Brr.

K-A said...

Egad, I'm in shorts and a T-shirt! I hope y'all are keeping warm, but at 7 degrees, I don't know if that's possible.

Derek said...

it has been some crazy weather hasn't it!

K-A said...

Yes, it has and now the azaleas are blooming!