06 February 2007

Keeping Busy

I haven’t had time to post anything this past week because I have been rather busy. Last Tuesday I had an opportunity come knocking at my new business door. I have a construction company interested in me decorating one of their model homes.

They interviewed me on Tuesday and asked for me to come up with a plan and cost estimates. I got to see the development plans and had a walk through the model home. They have incredible marsh views. The home itself is nice, but currently there are only studs and no drywall. So I had to use my imagination when designing.

I thought they would give me about a week to submit, but they only gave me two days! So last Wednesday and Thursday I was running around to every furniture, antique and bric-brac store you could think of. I spent Thursday evening coming up with plan and the final pricing. I submitted the information to them on Friday. Now I wait. I am trying not to think about it and am only focusing on a current client.

However if I were to get this contract it will really push my business forward. There’s the chance some of the homebuyers would call on me to help them with their decorating and organizing needs. I have already met so many industry people and have made contacts at some of the finest shops here in Savannah for future client needs.

This Saturday past I went to the SCAD scholarship gala. It was a black tie event. We had a great time. It’s been awhile since I worn my tuxedo. I must admit I had to get new trousers. Ugh! Anyhow it was good to see some people that I once worked with as well as a few professors’ I had. I believe at the end of the evening the event managed to raise over $30k for scholarships.

The frustrating thing about the whole evening was the fact that my camera died. You know I only purchased it this past summer and I would expect it to last at least a year! Then the batteries died in Melissa’s camera. Then the batteries in Ron’s camera died as we all lined up to be photographed!

We did get a picture taken with Melissa’s Palm, but as you can see it’s blurry and the colour quality is awful. Oh, there are two people in the photograph that I am not sure would like for me to post in my blog so I removed their heads.


Robert said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you on this construction company biz. Maybe Savannah isn't much of a Gooey Vortex afterall! :-)

It's kinda funny about the cameras and batteries bit. I didn't laugh tho, it just sounded funny. :-) Sorry about not getting a good picture in. I know, some cameras can suck up your batteries in no time! I had one, a year later, only took like 10 pictures with a full-charge?!? WTF!!! Damn Kodak!

You all look smashin'!! Which one's Melissa? Wait, it looks like you all have the same color scheme going on?!?


K-A said...

No, this place will always have a negative vortex hanging over it. It's due to the global lay lines and all the bad things that have happened here.

Melissa is on the left and then other lady with a head is our friend Wendy.

The Palm camera photograph is not only blurry, but the colour is totally off. Melissa and I are wearing black. Wendy is wearing brown and the headless woman is wearing blue. The other man was wearing I believe, a wool tux and so the black is deeper.

Lewis said...

Best wishes for the contracting job! How fun would that be (not to mention, paying the bills...). Good luck with the beheadings, too!

Derek said...

off with their heads!