04 January 2007

A New Year and A New Beginning

I have decided this year shall be MY year. Yes, all mine, Ahah hah hah haaaaah!

Seriously last year was just awful. I ended a pointless and fruitless relationship, which I feel, was best for both of us. I lost my job, which I feel was best for me. It’s wonderful not having to work a job that brings no joy to ones life. However, I had to give up my apartment and put all my belongings in storage, which I am not too happy about and I have wiped out my savings, which I am definitely not happy about.

However this past December I started my own business and feel really good about it. Now I just need more business to make this thing work. I believe it’s going to.

I feel very positive about the whole situation and I have not felt positive about anything in a very long time. I tend not to be a positive person. In fact, I am the “glass is half empty” type of individual. For now on I am going to remind myself “the glass is half full”!

Through all this turmoil I have had a supportive family and friends. My friend Melissa has been especially so for inviting me and my two cats to live with her while I reinvent my life. Our fabulous Champagne Sunday is the best! My friend Betsy has been wonderful with providing mental support and our crazy sci-fi nights with dinner and wine.

Steve and Jim are so nice to roll out the Bentley and take me to Open House hoping. It’s nice to let lose and it breaks the monotony. My friend Alina is just so wonderful for giving me ideas and pushing me to start this business. Our lunches are such a pleasure.

My friend Emma who keeps offering her second bedroom to me so that I may escape the Vortex that is Savannah. It's completely appreciated, but here I must stay for now because of my new venture. Then there’s Robert and Kevin, my blogging friends who are generous, kind and say the nicest things. I have met many people blogging and hope to build more friendships this year. I have so many good friends that I may have not mentioned and I am thankful for all of you.

This is the year I turn forty and this is my year of positive change and new beginnings. I hope everyone has a happy new year and new beginnings too!

…. end sappy transmition.


Lewis said...

Hey there, I'll believe right along with you for a great 2007. Sounds like you're making some very positive steps. Put the crap from last year in the rearview mirror and forge ahead. I'm right there with you, man. Go for it!

Robert said...

Everything sounds great K-A! I swear if you were in my neck of the woods, I would totally have you over to look at our place. Since we need a new paint job everywhere inside the house, Alec is expecting like a 4k job to have it all done. And it's only a 2BR house. Egads.

Anyway, I'm hoping all the best for you this year as well. I see that your website is all finished. yay! Looks great. It's always so wonderful to have good friends by your side, cuz in the end, it makes it all worthwhile.

As far as the glass being half full or half empty... to me, it all depends on what's in the glass! :-)

Happy New Year Kevin-Andrew!!!