11 January 2006

Velma Powers Activate!

Jinkies! It's time to channel one of my many alter egos, Velma Dinkley. I must uncover the mystery of the lack o' funds in my life. I must find the clues to bring more wealth so I can simply live without worry.

I had an appointment with the veterinarian today. I left work early to bring my children in for their booster injections. I arrived on time. They did not attend to us until 25 minutes after our arrival. Then I come to find out the $495.00 I paid for the Wellness Plan does not include booster injections. Though when I signed up for the damn thing I was told that it covered everything, including the boosters.

So we had a little spat. I have had with this vet office.

I could not get the injections because it was going to cost me $135.00 and I am fracking broke. I was told they have a once a month vaccination day, which will be next Thursday. I can get the injections for both of them for $46.00. So we will go to this crazy event because I have no other choice.

Money sucks and I hate it so.

1 comment:

Robert said...

The LACK of money is the root of all evil I tell ya.. Owait, nothing evil going on here... Oright, your friggin' vet, that's what! Hope your kitties [and your wallet] will be okay K-A!

Oh and yeah, I own both Scooby Doo movies! hehe! Go Velma!!!