04 January 2006

Too much stuff and too many projects!

Last year I started "The Great Purge". This is to say I have too much stuff and it has finally got to me, the pack rat. However, I have been getting rid of things, it seems like forever. Every time I give something away or take it to Goodwill I find more stuff. It seems to mysteriously multiply. I hate it. So this New Year I continue with The Great ENDLESS Purge.

As well I have mounting projects. I have to refinish the dining room table and chairs and the 1930's hardwood shipping crates. I have eight doors, a bathroom, a hall and a kitchen to paint.

Sometimes I wish it would all burn down and go away so I could run off to India and have tea with the Dali Lama.

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Robert said...

I used to be a big fat pack rat myself, but after the move this May, not so much anymore. Now I try not to put much in the house, at all. I do feel better now. Tho I still have a lot of CDs and books in the garage, bleh.

You have lotza projects... oh and please don't forget about the Photo Gallery as well. Where it reads: "under construction under construction under construction". :-)